Review Positives and Negatives vs Demons - Round 18

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Jun 26, 2011
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- So much substandard effort by us through the middle of the game
- So much substandard umpiring (both ways. Not calling bias - just incompetence)

+ Franky's debut
+ Dees pretty much handing us 4 points they looked destined to win
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Apr 5, 2015
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Positives: Won and avoid the Curse of Second Place for another week

Negatives: How much time you got?

* Mids standing around with their thumbs up their arse for 2 quarters

* Hickey cant ruck alone. Desperately missing Vardy

* Kennedy looks bad with his head down and sulking about not getting paid frees all the time. That sulk-push on his man in the last quarter could have cost us a 50

* Defense look like they have NFI what they're doing. Second week in a row we have been adrift down back

* Petrol avoids relegation simply because we have no one to replace him

* Injury scares rearing up again. Need to wait and see how Hurn and Gov pull up

* So Professor, would you say Barrass is likely to be stitched up by the tribunal for a failed concussion test? "Yes I would Kent".

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Nuke Fremantle

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Mar 26, 2007
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+Twice this year we've got Melbourne's hopes up only to dash them late
+Darling is probably at the level he was at in the first half of 2018
+Brisbane will have the 2nd place curse next week :devil:

-I thought we over the flat spot we had early in the season. Gotta lift next week.
-Bunga calf
-Gov ankle? Running out of soldiers


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Aug 31, 2011
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I’m not sure I’m getting all the hate on Barrass? I mean, he has missed half the season after all... Give him some more time before we write him off for the year ☺

Likewise with Kennedy... He is slowing down and closer to the end, that much is clear. But I think he has earned the right to be backed in to find some form. He has still been a useful contributor this year and his presence alone means he takes one of the oppositions key defenders and allows JD to be unleashed. Have a bit more faith in the great man 👍

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