Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Geelong

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 18, 2005
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West Coast
I don't know where to start.

The value of touches from Shuey and Naitanui was way beyond the pure number that each had.

Duggan with 8 intercept possessions, used it well and tackled hard. Always switched on and saved us with a few big plays there.

Sheed was the best and worst of the team in display.

Yeo was in beast mode, so strong in getting the ball out and clever.

Ryan had a great game in the way he set up and attacked, but his finishing wasn't as good as I expect from him.

JK and Darling kicking clutch goals, both taking multiple contested marks for the game as well.


Ainsworth - Sorry mate, but you couldn't do the basics tonight and it stood out under the pressure.

Cameron - Laid a good tackle or two, but was garbage outside of that. Coudln't get into the game and when he had it he made poor choices.

Injury - Feel bad for Edwards, was looking forward to his game.

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All Australian
Oct 7, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Negative, a team getting the jump on us again

Positive, the cars clearly came with a plan to kick short and bust through our zone. I know we all complain about no plan b, but once again we have shown we are very adaptable as a team defence. Just strangled the way they wanted to play.

Of course NN, JK, Ryan and his pressure (Cripps as well) and our mids (led by the captain) were all great. But the collective got it done which was the greatest positive out of all.

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