Positives and Negatives vs Gold Coast

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Aug 11, 2011
Gone Hubbin'
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West Coast
+ Four points all count the same on the ladder.
+ First half showed we can still be incisive if given the time
+ Is Jack Darling back?
+ Gaff’s best game this year
+ Shep is great
+ Simmo seems pissed.

That’s far more positives than this game deserves.

- Second half showed how soft we are when sides take it up to us. Stupid, lazy, panicked, outright dumb. Brain fades from several players who simply have to know better.
- I don’t even have the energy to be bothered breaking that down. Insipid. Serious red flags that cannot be ignored by “backing in the boys”.

What a cluster fu**. I’ve largely found a way to put an asterisk on most worrying elements this year. No more. Alarm bells.

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 3, 2010
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West Coast
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Chelsea, OKC Thunder, Scorchers
That last quarter was almost hilarious to watch. It was like 2017 all over again, watching sides climb back with ease


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Mar 21, 2017
The absolute middle of nowhere
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West Coast
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Arsenal, Scorchers, Glory, Wildcats
Gaff won some hard footy
Sheed deadly in front of goal
Darling imposed himself for the first time all season
Sheppard is still the most underrated defender going around

Literally everything else

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All Australian
Sep 9, 2015
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West Coast
The concerning thing from my perspective is that we only played well for a quarter or so when the Suns gave us space. As soon as they made the game more contested, things went haywire and the forwards basically didn't get a good look at the ball from that point onwards.

That's been the tale of the last few games, but tonight the suns weren't good enough to switch it on from the get-go. The fact it hasn't been rectified yet is disconcerting.

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Genuine Shuperstar
Aug 1, 2010
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West Coast
+4 points
+No in game injuries (waits for new players lower leg injury come Monday)
+little bit more intensity, at least to start the game
+Simpson seemed unsatisfied and I like it
+Darling getting a bit of form and aggression back
+Shepps spoil.

- We have a bunch of players who are consistently mediocre but don't get dropped because maybe there's nobody better? Anyways Masten, Vardy and Venables won't be taking us to a premiership in 2019 and they are consistently putting up laughable stats with no impact or presence.
- Continuing our trend of only trying when we think we need to, AKA always letting other teams back in it.


BigFooty Forger
Jun 24, 2009
In your dreams
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West Coast
+ Sheed and Shuey were good and clean around the clearances. Some of his quick handballs were outstanding;
+ Sheppard was desperate at every contest;
+ Darling was important in the second quarter momentum and at the death; and
+ Redden tackled hard.

- Vardy in the ruck;
- Jetta being too cute at times;
- Cole's defensive work;
- Kennedy's second half;
- Ryan's brain fades;
- Cripps had no involvement;
- Schofield one-on-one; and
- our inability to arrest the momentum back. Even when the ball went back to the centre we would still be on the back foot.


Premiership Player
Jul 10, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
A win
Gaff lowered his eyes when kicking
Gov, Shep & Hurn control the backline
Darlings 2nd (as well as the teams)

Lazy and undisciplined, especially in the third
The entire second half
The entries inside 50
Again how teams are able to bring the ball to ground and bounce away

Balls In

Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
+Forwardline won us that game. Clearing space for Kennedy and Darling the key... shocked to be sitting here.

-Vardy cant ruck and cant possibly hold his spot. Cripps is invisible - out for ah chee etc. Masten is nowhere. There's the easy outs - repeat offenders.

Backline is loose and Duggan/Cole are really in the gun. Rotham looms

Oscar isnt ready for AFL yet

Pavlich trying to get Hurn rubbed out

Umpiring re Kennedy is atrocious
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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 18, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Redden - 13 tackles (31 pressure acts)
Yeo - 12 tackles (30 pressure acts)
Hutchings - 10 tackles (18 pressure acts)
Shuey - 8 tackles (24 pressure acts)
Gaff - 6 tackles (20 pressure acts)

Sheed - Had zero tackles, it's very frustrating to watch him. His kicks for goal were brilliant though.

Darling - Would have done so much more if the ball movement was better. He was on and only a lack of supply stopped him really. 5 tackles on top of everything else he did.

Gaff - Way better this week, I thought he played better than he has all season, same disposal count on average but his ball use was better. His work on defence shows his true desire to play finals again, he's hungry and he's tackling well.

Pettruccelle - ******* annoying to see him on days like today, so much potential there and moments he could have put the fear of god into defenders but he kept fumbling and then screwing up his disposal.

Venables - Something has to give. Just way off the boil. Unfair for him to be playing seniors but I get why the coaches want him. He's there I'm assuming to apply f50 pressure, the problem is his class isn't shining through when he has the ball, which isn't much.

JK - Thought he was good, ball movement was pretty average to him. Players need to stop looking for him all the time, he'll play better by finding more space.

Some stupid mistakes tonight, stupid hack kicks out of bounds (Sheed, Duggan), handballs missing targets 3 metres away (Vardy, Schofield, Shep, Duggan, Jetta), dropped marks under no pressure (Duggan again). Shuey being rushed into kicks for no reason when he's in space and then at other times having handballs on and trying a fend off. Loved his efforts in putting his head over the ball but his offensive work was baffling at times, he also looks for JK way too much.

Allen and Venables set shots were really bad as well.


Premiership Player
Apr 29, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
pretty hard to watch.

I thought shep was excellent and gaff ball use was a lot better today.
Shuey is prob the standout this year from the guys who won the flag, he is doing what he can.

but the complacency though-out the team is evident. They just cant hit top gear.

In a weird way, simmo being pissed may be the biggest positive. there needs to be a bit of a shake up.

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