Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Hawthorn

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Feb 20, 2018
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West Coast
Our loss had much much more to do with poor skills and bad execution from talented players, than bad coaching.

Simpson has created a very good side, and they are usually well drilled. not sure how we can blame him for a few of our blokes, suddenly catching potato-itis
I'm a big fan of Simmo overall but his inability to adapt to the gameplan that the Hawks deployed really pissed me off. Dylan82 has broken it down perfectly- it's the same way Port and Geelong destroyed us earlier in the year. I get that you have to back your system initially but there is clear evidence now around how some teams can counter us. Mixing things up a bit against these tactics would be nice to see.

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eagles rule

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Oct 8, 2007
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Why are you concerned about something that would never possibly happen?
The fixtures would never happen but it’s definitely a major advantage to play how you want to play in front of a home crowd for 7 weeks coming off a big away game v GCS ..
Good way to get consistency and momentum..

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Jan 10, 2017
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West Coast
Anyone still have the slightest notion that Tim Kelly wouldn’t improve our midfield next year?
I agree with this. He is an excellent but watching him, especially after the bye, he is an unaccountable player who hovers around the packs for the back feed. Does not run defensively either.

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