Autopsy Positives and Negatives Vs Norf round 18

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Death by Snu Snu
Oct 27, 2006
Behind enemy Lines
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Sth Freo, Liverpool, Chicago Bulls
-Liam Ryan continues to put his AA case up
-Duggan looked good in the midfield, dare I say it had some swervability
-We survived 5 games in 19 days, no more festivals of footy
-Oscar Allen reminded everyone why he is going to be a star

-Petrucelles regressed badly, skills, hardness and decision making are not AFL standard
-JK ankle injury

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BigFooty Forger
Jun 24, 2009
In your dreams
AFL Club
West Coast
I thought Ryan was excellent again and clean when it mattered.
Really impressed with Duggan basically playing the Redden/Yeo role for us tonight. Threw his body at everything.
Allen up forward was great in bursts and arguably the difference in the end.
Hurn was clean and really direct (which has not always been the case over the last 18 months).
Thought Naitanui gave Goldstein a bit of a ruck lesson, however, was let down by our mids (perhaps Sheed excluded) double touching and spilling the ball and so a number of superb HOs to advantage were squandered. There was also about 6 HOs that he won that were inexplicably attributed to Goldstein. Despite this he still beat Goldstein in total HOs (24 v 21), clearances (5 v 4), i50s (4 v 1), tackles (5 v 2), contested possessions (10 v 7), and disposals efficiency (84.6% v 66.7%). Still waiting to confirm the HOs to advantage but given that Goldstein is probably considered in the top 2 rucks this year Naitanui was virtually the only one with a meaningful opponent and he was more dynamic and important through-out the game.


Premiership Player
Nov 27, 2014
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West Coast
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Turn up for half a quarter and still take the dub, thanks for coming Norf you useless c*nts. Over to you Radelaide and/or COLA Swans 🤞🏼

Metricon can also take a hike.. At least we’re guaranteed not to be playing there next game, whatever happens. Gabba or Adelaide Oval for the remainder after that please.


All Australian
Sep 8, 2010
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West Coast
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New York Rangers, Charlotte Hornets
+ The great man Schofield. What a beast
+ Ainsworth - solid game
+ Strong game from Duggo
+ Barrass - Only beaten once. Free kick doesn't count.
+ NN - Another absolute clinic
+ Allen - Big 4th Q. Providing a good contest and kicked 3 goals
+ Ryan - AA this year
+ Shep - AA this year
+ Rotham solid game
+ Sheed & Gaff solid games

- Kennedy
- Pettrucelle
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Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
We won. Doesn't matter how. Doesn't matter if it fires us into finals with great form. The next two weeks will be the most welcome rest of these guys' lives and the finals will be a remarkably different beast. New season starts now, we need to be better in it than we have been, but we absolutely can be.

+ Liam Ryan AA
+ Duggan has been immense in the hub
+ Gaff good, Nelson good, Sheed good
+ Oscar Allen stood up
+ Ainsworth's last two games have given me hope around a bloke I had none for.
+ Four points

- Foley quiet
- JK injury
- TK quiet


Brownlow Medallist
Dec 18, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Hurn - 23 disposals and the only player outside of Ryan who could actually kick the ball. Didn't appear to be slippery for him, he just delivered time and time again. That was the Hurn we're used to. His last 3 games have been huge, and the hit he lay was perfection within the rules. 91% disposal efficiency, 4 tackles, 9 intercept possessions and 576 metres gained. Keep it up Bunga!!

Nelson - Like a poor man's version of Hurn tonight, which isn't a bad thing, but Hurn was just a league above. 9 touches in the last quarter. 8 intercept possessions, 4 tackles, 10 rebound 50s and 549 metres gained. Just needs to tidy up those rushed kicks, had a lot of turnovers. Was good at clearing the ball under pressure, but often not very smart with the kick

Duggan - Loved seeing the attack on the ball, was so close a number of times to getting more disposals but looked knackered and like he was trying to get the ball over the line. I like his attacking mentality and his new found desire to arch the back and break a tackle or two before kicking forward. 3 clearances, 3 inside 50s, 3 rebound 50s, 3 tackles, 4 score involvements, 2nd in the game with 22 pressure acts, and also 440 metres gained. He went missing a bit after half time, but was always there applying pressure. Was a balanced game, the type of game we need in the middle even when the superstars return.

Ryan - Playing at another level to everyone else on the field, is very hard to tackle and has added the fend off/side step to his repertoire.

Ainsworth - Fair play to him, had some good moments. Can find it, can tag, can push forward like Hutchings does to take people off guard. I hope he starts to get some more confidence to turn forwards with his first step rather than looking for the runner coming past all the time with a short handball. Looks like he's instructed to handball, but if you're open on the wing and turn back you kill every leading patter, just put it into space like you did for Darling. 6 score involvements and only 1 turnover.

Allen - Good attack at the ball, great defensive pressure despite how tired he looked. Can't fault that game, is the perfect back up for JK and looked a lot more lively than JK as well.


JK - Before he got injured, all he did was fly for the ball and go to ground. Keep your feet like Darling does and apply some pressure, he wasn't even close to getting the marks. Sad that he got injured, but come on JK.

Foley - First game, spent it before he had it a lot, probably doesn't need to play in finals

Kelly - sh*t disposal, off the side of the boot, kicking to disadvantage side, fumbling in the slippery conditions. We all know how good he can and will be, but games like that are disappointing. At the very least, tidy up the disposal.

Rotham / Schofield - Not that they played bad, but specifically about them being unable to pick up a ground ball. Ran over it numerous times.

Sheed - Good on Sheed for putting his head over the ball and also for laying some tackles, not questioning his endeavour at all tonight. But winning a centre clearance and going backwards with a bouncing handpass to a team mate is dumb footy. His field kicking lacks any intention, it's like guess work right now where he is going to an area for no particular reason rather than spotting up a target. Love the intent, disliked the execution.

Petruccelle - Not saying he won't make it, because he has some serious weapons at his disposal. He definitely is a poor disposer of the ball, but if he could at the very least tidy up the handballs that would be nice. It's not as hard as kicking. Also, banish the little tackle where you try to grab the jumper, you're not strong enough so try tackle properly.


Team Captain
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Ryan has realised he's the most talented guy on any footy field and he can just take the piss out of opponents if he feels like it. Remember those shots he missed in the last quarter of the 2018 gf? He'd nail them all and be the matchwinner now.

+ It was Allen who broke the game open, not the old firm of Nic, Gaff, Darling etc. Great to see kids seize the moment like that.

+ Like a good side should, we summoned up enough class and poise to win while still playing terribly.

+ Overseas sports are back now, so bored foreigners probably didn't watch that game and conclude the AFL is complete dogshit.

- JK's ankle. Allen would be a decent replacement at FF but his experience will be valuable in finals. Hopefully he just rolled it.

- Petch has been trash. Needs to figure out a way to use his speed, because he's not bringing much else to the table right now.


Brownlow Medallist
Dec 18, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
-they broke 19 of our tackles, a new season record
I agree that it was poor tackling from a few, but I saw Cole and Duggan have some broken tackles after flying at their man full tilt. I'll take that, they just need that backup tackler to come finish the job, at the moment they're successfully interrupting clean possession only for there to be no secondary pressure and the opponents run it out. Part and parcel of such an overly tall team.

Other times players do need to slow down to tackle, which they hopefully get from looking at the tape. The bigger the discrepancy in speeds and directions of the tackler and tacklee means the tackle will be harder to lay. The players need to adjust for this sometimes a bit better.

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