Review Positives and Negatives vs Saints

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Premiership Player
Dec 7, 2012
AFL Club
Gonnna be rubbing this one into the saints faces. Good on you Schultz and co. Good stuff
Why? How about growing up. With everything going on over there in various parts of Victoria we should be sending nothing but positive vibes. Footy's a game. You could be attacking someone for a different footy loyalty that has way more going on than you could know from bigfooty interactions.


Sep 30, 2005
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Freo and Bulldogs, ManU
Darcy was on track for his best game. Was monstering Marshall and marking everything.

taberner, Schultz very good.
stephen Hill has his best game in years.
Trav Colyer was clean and efficient.
really impressed with Serong and Mundy inside.
Tucker stepped up right when we needed him.
Andy Brayshaw worked his guts out
now the back line: between them Taylin Duman and Luke Ryan Smashed up King. Awesome stuff

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Premiership Player
May 12, 2011
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Chelsea, ICT, Glory
+ The comeback
+ Schultz in the votes today, his pressure was outstanding
+ Duman and the defence after quarter time stepped up and was fantastic
+ Solid debut by Acres. Very composed and hit targets all day
+ Rare occasion where we got some umpire favouritism
+ Darcy til he got KO'd
+ Serong was good, deserves more game time
+ JL's gameplan becoming more evident now and I'm enjoying it's simplicity

- Injuries
- First quarter
- That kick from Banfield with a minute to go


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 19, 2009
On board the Cam train
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+ Everything other than injuries, the first quarter, goal kicking at the end of the 3rd quarter, and the 2 idiotic and moronic 50s given away by Wilson and Sonny.

Colyer needs a shoutout. After quarter time I thought he was one of our best. I have been a massive hater since he joined us but today he had his best game in purple. If he can produce that more often then he will easily turn those of us that are against him into supporters.

Schultz pressure was manic at times and if he can get involved in the game a bit more then he is well worth his spot in the side.

Bewley was better today but he still needs to work on decision making and skills. Too many missed kicks and bombs down the line when he has short easy options.

The fact that we held them out with no backline is nothing short of staggering. At half-time, I was expecting a 20 goal loss with the way they were getting it in there. A big kudos has to go to the mids and those still out there down back being able to give each other a chop out.


Club Legend
Sep 18, 2015
Launceston, TAS
AFL Club
-First Quarter

+Great decision to keep Fyfe forward
+Our young mids are seriously exciting
+Serong's grab between Jones and Geary, WOW
+Winning without a single tall defender
+Colyer and Schultz working well
+Hilly playing some of his best footy in a while
+Mundy still playing well all these years later
+Coming back from 36 points

Freo Big Fella

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 30, 2003
The great wide north
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WA, Australia
  • The slow start should, on balance, still be a bit of a worry in an overarching gameplan sense.
  • Injuries (although at least they're kind of the unavoidable/accidental sort, rather than our soft tissue and toe issues of recent years.
  • The inevitability of the Melbourne media pack rallying to argue Long down to a week at the MRP, when he should get five.

  • The gameplan continuing to come together, and holding up under serious pressure.
  • Schultz' best game in the purple. Shades of Medhurst about him if he can keep it up.
  • The backline holding together in insanely extenuating circumstances.
  • Aish is still a gem.
  • Brayshaw's tackling (when did his legs suddenly become frigging tree trunks?)
  • The forward structure starting to gel (although two, rather than three, talls may be the preferred option)

Most importantly is the feeling that we can, on our day, match it with anybody.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 22, 2011
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Liverpool FC, Washington Wizards
Best win by Freo in the last 5 years. Immense performance.
Not one KPD, That backline just held them at bay.
Duman finally plays taller then he is. All over membrey. Hughes has been literally HUGE this season. He’s everywhere across half back.
Fyfe forward was big balls move. Willed the youth to stand up. Brayshaw was immense again.
Tabs and Fyfe are going to create real problems for defences.
What a win.


All Australian
Sep 27, 2018
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brisbane lions
Ryan best on for stopping someone 4 inchs taller than him(helped by back six as a collective which means duman, hill, cerra, hughes and wilson deserve shoutout). I believe because ryan is playing a stopping role he wont make all australian because of less intercepts and sexy stuff by he is playing out of his skin. Second best brayshaw (do not underestimate how important his two way running is) and followed by walters.

In one game bewely and shultz convinced me they have the tools to make it as afl footballers.

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