Review Positives & Negatives v the Purples // Rd 16, 2019

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Born is pride, from isolation
Sep 28, 2005
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West Coast
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Eagles AFLW, Subiaco, Wildcats

In just his 3rd career game Jarrod Cameron 4.0.24 went down narrowly to Freo 2.19.31

Much can be learned from this loss as we take a breath and watch how the best team in WA operates from here on end.

Unlucky Jarrod, we’ll get them next time.
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Club Legend
Aug 15, 2009
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West Coast
Our biggest winning margin in an away game against the purple, after that loss against bottom team Carlton, how can’t they sack Lyon?
Their lowest score in a derby
Many positives,
Ryan got bored, but only when the result was never going to be in doubt, still a gun.
Willie has had a few quiet ones, but we know how good he is, so he will come good

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 10, 2007
London, UK
AFL Club
West Coast
Great game.

I'm not sure why Maste can't play like that every game. Great lin up play, some decent hard ball gets, some great kicks splitting the field. Just needs to put that same intensity every week and one of his biggest criticts, in myself, would be happy to give him another year.

Such a shame, he could quite easily play like that every week. Not like he had 20 contested disposals. Still played great game-+*-*--------------------------------------


Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
Too many pluses really. Cannot think of a single negative. Except maybe not winning by 100 but I'll forgive the boys ;). But what an awesome weekend for us results wise. Collingwood lose, Geelong lose, we destroy, now just GWS to go. Almost as if they've rolled out the red carpet for us to the promised land of back to back flags, Nic Nat like Moses parting the red sea.

Don't wanna get too confident but today was beyond my wildest expectations for tonight.


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Jun 26, 2011
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West Coast
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Perth Wildcats, Perth Lynx
- I ride my bike to the games, and despite leaving right after the siren somehow a huge stream of people were already clogging up the path for the first 5 minutes of my journey.

- Infinity minus the above gripe

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