Review Positives & Negatives v the Purples // Rd 16, 2019

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 27, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Meanwhile our friends down the road are posting tables and lists showing how young their players are if you remove the three oldest players on the weekend and also how they have few in the 50-100 game bracket if you exclude those with 150 games and their average weight is 0.6 kgs less than the competition average and their percentage has improved by on average 3% every year and their first loss by more than 49 points has come later during the year so RTB is doing something right blah blah

Winning is what the game is about - not playing the youth or age-games profiles or analysing how less severe the losses are or not.

You can only laugh at the stat talk, winning is all that matters, and since 2015 that has not improved enough for them to be a threat. They seem to change the stats to suit their needs.

They also seem to be happy to be not losing by as much this year, crazy logic that it is ok to lose as long as it is not a lot. No wonder they are stuck where they are.

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