Review Positives & Negatives v the Purples // Rd 16, 2019

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
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East Perth
Ah Chee was terrific his contesting of marks down the line and bringing it to ground,
was great
Especially when Freo bigs had better position, its something we have had trouble with last few games

Willie Rioli he looked our best player during the preseason when he was fit
He looks like he is struggling with his condition at the moment.
I wouldn't mind playing him at the reserves and making him a midfielder to get
his km's up and his match fitness, then bring him back in.

Nelson has he done enough to hold his place as i know WCE want to give Francis Watson a game soon
and he was very good in the wet today

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Friends, Family, Flex
Aug 11, 2011
Gaffy's Dojo
AFL Club
West Coast
Just finished the recorded game. That was alright.

+ All of it. Hahahaha. Jarrod Cameron kicked as many goals in one minute as Freo did in a whole game.
+ Nic Nat, towelled everyone up. He’s back
+ Cameron, love it. Cripps, love it. Ryan was great
+ TB slotted in like a dream. Elite intercepting defence.
+ Masten’s best game of the year. Still not sold but to his credit did well.
+ Redden is an angry bastard and called Walters on his flailing. Cop it.
+ Ah Chee did four fifths of fu** all, but I can get around him flying for MOTY every two minutes.
+ I don’t think the rain is a hoodoo anymore. Crows, Hawks, Dockers. West Coast Shakiras - wherever, whenever.
+ Seems redundant pointing out individual shit really. Great game all round.
+ Onya Shep.

- Didn’t win by 100.
- Didn’t award Gaff the medal, piss poor missed opportunity.


Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
South Of Dreamsville
AFL Club
West Coast
+ NN and the 6-6-6
+ Ross will get the toss, Shirley?
+ Keep Masten and nail him to our masthead-he has some weird polarising energy force?
(he was born to be our celebrating mascot, I can see it now)(had a good night)
+JK got a rest, didn't even miss him (in a good way)
+Cameron you little beauty...and still have Petch to come back!
+ Sneezy did Ok, clunked his mark and kicked a goal..and I saw him make 1,2,3 follow up efforts.
+ Oscar in a year or two...!!?
+Duggan, rock solid, gives it all.
+Cats lost
+Pav having to commentate that Freo fiasco!
+ The total nuclear cheesy meltdown on Freo Board
+ Lyon's postgame interview- 7 Minutes of inane jibberish!
* Ol' mud-crab guts Rioli was out of sorts (flu?)-will come good.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
I thought Archie was pretty good. Had some impact. And great attitude, if you may not get another contract you may as well try and win a new car taking MOTY.

All in all that was simply amazing. Watching Nic put on a clinic like that makes me feel all good in the feels.

eagles rule

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 8, 2007
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West Coast
Other Teams
-Happy to get the 4 points
Impressive team 4 quarter effort
Jared Cameron is a jet and opened the game right up 3 goals 2nd quarter blew it apart and lead a 8 goal quarter ..
Ossie Allen wow was sensational alround game
Naitanui how we have missed you ..
could run through the whole team really, very positive display ..

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