Review Positives & Negatives v the Purples // Rd 16, 2019


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The reason Masten got more pill is because of Hutchings being out. Quite obvious one would think.

For best structure.
Masten & AhChee right now is Hutchings & Petruccelle

Oscar Allen is JK now that Nicholas Naitanui has returned in a duel ruck combo with Hickey.

Positives is we have a healthy list.
I'll have what he's having. It's been a long time since I indulged in narcotics of that quality.

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Aug 25, 2007
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+he's is such a long list
Hickey and NicNat were the dominant ruck combination on the field.
No JK no worries.
Forward line has more depth this year amazing that we have lost LeCras but Cameron and Petch, Rioli and Ryan and Cripps have made our forward line arguably better.
Defence was superb. Barrass Gov Hurn and Shep are a lethal combination. Nelson has played well enough to keep his spot.
Shuey, Yeo and Gaff were their usual spectacular selves.
2nd quarter.

Some inaccuracy in the first quarter.
Gave up a lot of inside 50's lucky Freo kicked 9.5% accuracy the 7th worst accuracy in AFL/VFL history.
First quarter pressure wasn't perfect.



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Oct 11, 2006
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Didn’t watch the game live but instead settled down to watch a replay with a few beers and a pizza safe in the knowledge we gave them a belting

Strangely it didn’t seem like a 15 goal win or at least we didn’t look as dominant as a 91 point margin would suggest. Have a look at the basic stats, especially the inside 50’s, and it’s hard to fathom a 122-31 score line

Stats can lie

Raw numbers can’t convey efficiency, quality or bang for your buck. We scored 19 goals from 50 forward entries whilst Fremantle managed just 2 from 60. That’s as lopsided as you’re ever going to get. Sure freo’s inaccuracy played a part but they failed to get the ball to dangerous places or to their forwards advantage whereas we seemed likely to score every time

What’s most pleasing is the amount of improvement we still have from that game.

Our mids as a collective were solid but I’ve seen that group play better
Forwards took their chances but Rioli and Ryan in particular have done more over 4 quarters. Darling has another gear and JK didn’t even play
Our backs were outstanding though - they all played their role and were completely dominant
Oh and Naitanui is only two games into his comeback and will get better

We also have a pretty level headed bloke guiding the ship



May 30, 2016
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+ great team effort. No passengers.
+ 4 qtrs, did not take the foot off. Hurrah for % boosters.
+ thought sneeze was good. That set play mark from a Jetta kick in... glorious. Great 2nd efforts.
+ Gaff everywhere, boos were like water off a ducks back.
+ back line.
+ Nic Nat made Sandi wished he retired months ago.
+ Allen, was so important in a few contests mainly around half back. Love his work.
+ Hickey, some great second efforts.

- Fyfe giving out cheap shots to the head a few times. Flog.
- Rioli does a few amazing things a game, but seems a bit off. Hopefully building fitness again.
- having to watch Pavlova on the TV wearing a purple suit. We know you are a biased campaigner so fu** off.
- going to an away game at home is just weird. Freo voice over guy is as annoying as fu**. Their pregame stuff is tacky.

Fatty rules

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Feb 16, 2008
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Negative - Barrass's pants should've been HIGHER
I have to agree with this. He came across as a part-strangler, Gov was worse. I think the intent was there, but the execution was mediocre. Still a way to go to reach the top flight. If they want to be successful fathers, they need to learn to pull up their daks so high that their kids won't want to be seen with them ever.
Apart from that, they lads did ok today.
Monster backline.
Clinical mids.
Sublime forward line. Wait 'til Willie gets some touch. A couple of corkies have made it hard for him to play into fitness after his layoff, but...
Cameron is pure silk. A fluid complement to Cripps and the talls.
Opponents are frightened of Ryan, for good reason.
Hickey is a good foil for the NicNat train, which is comin' down the track fast for a finals feast.

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Ambrose Burnside

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Dec 8, 2006
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Imagine waking up this morning a Freo supporter?

What has been our clearance differential before Sir Nicholas's return and after? I suspect a massive swing. I hope opposition coaches are as clueless as opposition supporters, and continue to believe he does nothing. It took two games to remind me why he's my favourite player.

Negatives? Nothing


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May 31, 2005
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Edit - I don't know why a Moderator has removed the name of the thread and poster from the quote I posted. It's not like their boards are hidden from everyone else. Can someone explain the moderation?
BigFooty rules are generally to not link to posts from other boards.

The reasons are that each board has their own rules and moderators, and following a direct post link can lead to people inadvertently posting on another board without being aware of them. Some threads have ‘no opposition supporters’ rules, or you might get banned from a team board thinking you’re posting on the main board. Very easy to get infractions in the sensitive post-game hours.

It also stops the poster being quoted from ending up here via notification, and them possibly breaking our rules in the same sense, or being swamped by our posters with little chance to defend themselves.

Fans posting on their team board have more leeway to vent and rant, as it should be. We can still quote and laugh at them, but not link directly to it. Just copy-paste the comments in the QUOTE tags.


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Mar 31, 2018
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Three biggest positives were Ah Chee, Cameron and Masten. When 20, 21 and 22 play as good as those 3 did you are going to win any game of football you ever play in. We dont have many injuries at the moment but the depth of our team in 20-30 is very exciting not only for now but for the future

I hope we can Ah Chee next year. He is a clear AFL level player

I want to keep the likes of Ah Chee/Josh Smith and be a bit more adventurous with our draft picks. Take the guy whose a top 10 pick if not for injury for example or take a guy like Sydney Stack going forward..


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Jun 11, 2013
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I can’t believe people are bagging Ah Chee. He was involved in most of our early scoring opportunities when the game was tight and stood up many times in the game. I was glad he got a goal at the end to cap off a decent game from him at short notice. I’d like him to stay on the list next year and get more opportunities to play at the highest level.

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