Review Positives & Negatives v the Purples // Rd 16, 2019


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Feb 20, 2018
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Trawling your opposition's board and then commenting in the safety of your own team's board . What a pathetic life you must learn live. You're sore losers but even worse winners. Stay classy West Coast. Your time will come and it will be our turn to cover ourselves in the glory of poor sportsmanship. Until then stay off our board and just enjoy your team's success ffs
Ha ha ha - the Freo melts make this win even more delicious. You spuds just blew your top 8 chances too and there's still one year left to run with good old Ross "the Boss".

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Jan 27, 2018
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Time to give it a rest with piggy. He only came here because his post on the freo board was quoted in this thread. He’s said his piece but it’s a little disingenuous to have a crack at him on our board

Leave him be

It's not disingenuous. I am being 100 percent sincere in my mockery.

I drew him out like a groundhog from its burrow.
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Jul 19, 2005
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Just watched the highlights and I liked that they gave Walters some attention. Willing to give away a few 'safe' free kicks to rough him up.

If he is going to dive anyway may as well give him a real reason too.

And that sling tackle on Cameron which the commentators couldn't see as a free kick. Are they blind? Cameron's left arm is pinned against his body while his right is pined and being held out and and he is then slung over the ground face first.

Textbook sling tackle.


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Mar 11, 2012
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My favourite lulz from the game:

1. Brownlow medallist Fyfe snapping it into the post from the same spot third-gamer Cameron perfectly curls it over the goal umpire's hat.

2. A couple of times King massively blew smoke up our arse then asked Pav for his thoughts. Pav fumbling for a response.
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