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Oct 12, 2009
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Will we ever see newspapers on Trove (other than the Canberra Times) from a later date than this in the foreseeable future? If there are any copyright or law experts on here I'd love you to join the conversation.

Why did Google get access to The Age right up until the end of 1989? And if that's okay, then surely such work can be reproduced on Trove given Google's newspaper archive is essentially broken?

Perhaps the most annoying part is the defunct papers missing such as The Sporting Globe (1955-1996). What barrier is there to removing access to something that no one can no longer buy anyway?

Non-exhaustive list of post-1954 works that can be accessed:

Note, you may need a state library membership to access these. Some can also only be accessed with specific university memberships. But they do exist! I don't have Factiva access just yet so I can't link it (you need an NLA card, which is on its way) but you can be sure that they're available from when I've said.

What this demonstrates is that there is a sizeable "digital black hole" that exists between 1955 and 1995. Only via the unreliable Google News Archives (The Age, SMH) and the Fairfax Archives (headlines only with full articles only via subscription) do we have any sort of continuous link throughout time.

If you have any other sources then please share them in this thread.

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The straw that stirs the drink
Dec 18, 2002
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AFC Wimbledon, Atlanta Braves has The Age right through the 90s, but they only have two other Australian papers (both regional) so unless you've got a lot of time to work on that archive or are interested in US papers as well it's not worth the subscription price of about $20US per month. There is a free seven day trial though.


Apr 9, 2013
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I'v tried - let me say, the Age is disappointing to say the least. A few years missing, and then many months missing (pretty much OK between 1914 and 1966). Why are there so many other Newspapers missing, especially when you can get them through Trove??? Poor effort Fairfax.
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