Autopsy Post 2021 Grand Final Western Bulldogs game review, the good the bad and the ugly, come talk about it here!

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bobs head soup

Premiership Player
Sep 14, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
Interesting stat.

There have been 33 'blowout' AFL/VFL grand finals (winning margin of 40 points +).

Of those results, the winning team wins again the following year 7 times (a 21% occurrence).

More significantly from our perspective, the losing team responds with a Premiership the following year on 11 occassions (a 33% occurrence).

W W Biscuit

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Apr 22, 2004
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For some months now, and for no good reason, Melbourne FC promotional material has been regularly coming up on my FB newsfeed. Anyone else experience this?

I've continued to "Hide" this advertising as irrelevant, but today - when I was confronted with spruiking for a framed Melbourne premiership poster - I just went ahead and reported it as offensive content. Stuff 'em.


King of September
Mar 15, 2001
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Western Bulldogs
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We're now six weeks post Grand Final and it's not getting any easier.

This morning I did my regular Saturday morning coffee run. It's what I do almost every Saturday morning. It's what I did Grand Final day. It's what I've done in each of the six Saturdays since Grand Final day. Every single bloody time it reminds me of Grand Final day. It's bloody depressing.

I realise had we won the Grand Final, my Saturday morning coffee runs would be so much more enjoyable.

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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 16, 2010
President of Terror Squad
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I only get slightly annoyed if I see Melbourne paraphernalia around still.. Melbourne were the best side all year, deserved winners, I thought the dogs would bow out week one of the finals the way they finished the season, they did remarkably well to make the grand final..
meh we go again next season, what I do know is this side under beveridge is a complete different animal come finals and are in with a very good shot at the flag the next few years, we’re in for some good times as supporters of this club.


Premiers 2016
Mar 2, 2007
Bellarine Peninsular
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Melb Victory
What I believe is that winning and now losing a grand final is another step of maturing as a professional well run club.

We made a grand final and won it and many of us might have thought it was a fluke, but we backed up five years later, from fifth and were 19 points up in the third quarter. Imagine the damage we will do if we finish in the top four.

Melbourne like us in 2016, look unbeatable, but we didn’t even make finals in 2017, the hunger will have abated, it’s the other teams hungry for success we need to worry about.

I agree we will be around the mark for a long time, especially with the windfall of Marra and Darcy.

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