Post - loss clarity. Do some of us get TOO emotional?

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Feb 19, 2008
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Showing my age a bit here but:

Teenage Coach Required : Losing ruined my weekend, would often go through all the missed opportunities and work out whether we could have won or lost by less.

20's Coach Required: Would be livid after the game and often sulk for the rest of the day

30's Coach Required: Disappointed but wouldnt have expected anything else, got used to being disappointed so it became a bit of a joke

40's Coach Required: Disappointed after the game but 30 mins later accept it is what it is no point wasting time on the uncontrollable

I think it also depends on a couple of things, your age for starters and also where your club is at TBH, if they haven't tasted success in a long time then you get a bit more emotional about it especially if they start to look good, if they constantly lose you get used to it so you appreciated the wins more. If they are winning all the time one or 2 losses doesnt matter because you know they will still perform most of the time. (Finals are a different kettle of fish once you make it, you want that win so badly).
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Aug 2, 2020
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North Melbourne
I definitely don’t get as upset after losses - lots of practice lately but also as I getter older and as the competition becomes more ‘corporatised’ I’m just not as emotionally invested.

BF is a special place though. The way some people carry on during and after games is hilarious. The same culprits you see bragging, trolling and baiting before and after games and then go missing for days when they lose. That’s really invested! My favourite is the ‘living rent free in your head’ retort - if you’re on a thread about another team posting relentlessly then aren’t you the one who’s been sucked in??

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