Autopsy post mortem v hawks

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첫 번째 남자 대 남자
May 20, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Bereft of everything North. Pride, determination, aggressiveness, willingness to improve, taking responsibility.

We promise the world and deliver nothing. Odd highlight here or there. We can't win interstate, lesser teams run rings around us, we get out coached, we miss gimme goals.

We are joining the ranks of Dees & Saints supporters who, when asked, describe themselves as " long suffering " before embarrassingly telling us who they barrack for.

I never thought this would be us. You live in all our hearts but how do we pass that on after these 2 games and l'm assuming the same next week.

Look inward at yourselves boys. Show us what we think you are capable of. Another effort next week like the last 2 will break you all. Nice little hub in W.A. will just rub salt into gaping wounds. Players like Todd, Ben, Robbie will walk away from the game with nothing.

Rant over.
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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 11, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Five minutes of football. Don’t deserve to win. Same sh*t two weeks in a row.
Want to play half a quarter of football and expect to win, it’s not gonna happen.

Indictment on the captain once he went off we moved the ball quickly.
That’s twice in the first five rounds.
The sooner we move on Atley too the better.


All Australian
Sep 15, 2011
In a house.
AFL Club
North Melbourne
We are the junk time kings. When the pressure is off and there is nothing left to play for....we storm home and make it look respectable. Good effort North, we only lost by 4 points But in all honesty, we were never going to win it.


Premium Platinum
Jan 16, 2004
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Storm - Victory
Played like champions as soon as Ziebell went off. Horribly disappointing loss. Too many passengers tonight. I am shattered to be honest. Predicted an honourable loss at 3/4 time - was a goal out. Could see it coming.

LMac awful again.
Zurhaar played 5 minutes of footy.
Jack just terrible but I suspect carrying an injury. Well, he is now.
The two Ps scrappy all night.
Walker excellent game.
Mahoney showed a little.
Xerri fumbled all night but first game credit.

Just so disappointing when this was so winnable against a team of campaigners.

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