Prediction Post your top 3 Bulldogs wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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Jul 20, 2010
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Western Bulldogs
Key forward in draft or trade period - TICK
Key back in draft or trade period - TICK
Crafty small forward in draft or trade period - TICK

Smith to resign for another 3 years, suspect it will be announced before Xmas

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All Australian
Dec 18, 2003
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Western Bulldogs
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Sunderland, Willy Wolves
My 3 wishes are

1 - No major injuries to our best players
2 - Bonti kicks 3 times as many goal as points
3 - Tom Liberatore wins Brownlow actually make that any WB player wins.


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May 28, 2010
Melbourne (ex-Perth)
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Western Bulldogs
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1) Healthy pre season & no setbacks which leads into a season with minimal injuries

2) Bruce & Keath fit into the team like they have played with the group their whole life

3) Dogs start to finally show ruthlessness & capitalise on the scoreboard with periods of domination. More goals, less points


Team Captain
Sep 17, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
Another month like September 2016. It was probably the best month of my life. I was dreaming of footy like I was a teenager again. Watching the elimination final with a bunch of Dogs fans at the Laurel, seeing the Hawks get $hat on. The prelim at Greater Wasteland Sydney with the after party at the Novotel and then of course GF week. Would love that all over again...


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Jun 17, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
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Gotta say it's hard to be positive right now, surrounded as we are by fire and smoke, and knowing many who have suffered losses and still have family in harm's way.

In these apocalyptic times I'd settle for:

1. A world where we will still be lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of watching footy every week
2. Relief for all WB fans from the devastation of bushfires and drought. Naah, stuff the parochialism - relief for the whole population (even including Giants supporters).
3. And yes, a 2020 flag would be a nice little cherry on the top

A Happy and Safe New Year to you all.

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