Potential Port Adelaide father son players

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Sep 3, 2002
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Port Adelaide
Ya reckon

Was a plodder at best, summed up the 207-2011 period.
There wasn't a worse club you could have been drafted to if you had an injury during that period. Between our sub-standard fitness department and Skype / roped in IT guy assistants, I find it hard to blast any players games across that period. Except in the case of clear shirking contests (Lonie) or not taking responsibility at all (aeroplane boy Chaplin).

I'm sure both Salopek and Butcher would have been solid 200 gamers at any other club they were drafted to. Not stars, but good journeymen. Not the wrecked by injury and coaching they both ended up at.

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Sep 9, 2008
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adelaide 36ers
Just saw that, surely we have to use our 1st rounder on him now and not trade it away for Fantasia.
Yeah no.

All Aus doesn’t mean much. Players get named to all Aus and get drafted late or not at all every year

reminds me of Roger James does young Mead. Does simple things real well + good on both sides.
James is a pretty good comparison, except I don’t see mead as having that strength through the hips and burst that I remember James having.


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Mar 21, 2008
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Just saw that, surely we have to use our 1st rounder on him now and not trade it away for Fantasia.
Actually it means the opposite, if we think he's going for a first rounder we should trade ours away for a bunch of late or future round picks, as the rankings points for each pick are artificially inflated at the lower end.


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Jun 10, 2015
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Port Adelaide
The other mead is playing div 1 amateurs isn’t he?
Mitchell Mead is a contracted Port Adelaide player in the sanfl. So I’m confused, are we after both Mead boys or just Jackson? With a healthy Power list I guess Mitchell would be playing in the amateurs and Jackson playing with the eagles.

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