Potential Port Adelaide father son players

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 12, 2007
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Port Adelaide
So Trent Burgoyne is a bit of a speculative rookie pick?

Just managing my expectations :)
That's my read on the situation. He was in the U16 SA state team two years ago so clearly he can play but he's definitely been unlucky with injuries lately. Although a conspiracy theorist would suggest he wasn't as injured as has been reported.
Better start trading future picks for the 6 players in the 2025 draft.
It may be even more. I was unable to find information on Ethan Kinglsey, Raf Kingsley and Louie Montgomery.
I wonder if a single one of them will be both over 193cm and a good player?
Toby Thurstans - 196cm
Matthew Bishop - 195cm
Darryl Wakelin - 192cm
Josh Francou - 185cm
Michael Wilson - 181cm

Here's hoping we hit the jackpot with the offspring of Francou, Wakelin and Wilson in the same way Gary Tredrea stood 175cm and Warren ended up 19cms taller. Speaking of which, how many of these kids would become third generation players for us if we drafted them? The Burgoynes and Tredreas are obvious but are there any others?

Peter Burgoyne Sr
Peter Burgoyne JrShaun Burgoyne
Trent BurgoyneJace BurgoyneRome BurgoyneKy BurgoynePercy Burgoyne

Gary Tredrea
Warren Tredrea
Nate TredreaLeo Tredrea

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Mar 4, 2018
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Port Adelaide
The list of father-son prospects earlier in the thread was missing some names. Below has more names included in bold.

2019 - Trent Burgoyne
2019 - Jackson Mead
2020 - Oscar Lade
2020 - Owen Montgomery
2020 - Taj Schofield
2020 - Noah Wilson
2021 - Jace Burgoyne
2021 - Will Francou
2021 - Tex Wanganeen (also FS eligible for Essendon)
2022 - Harper Montgomery
2023 - Oliver Francou
2023 - Jack Lade
2024 - Ky Burgoyne (also FS eligible for Hawthorn)
2024 - Rome Burgoyne
2024 - Eddy Cornes
2025 - Jake Bishop
2025 - Ben Francou
2025 - Darcy Thurstans
2025 - Gillon Wakelin (also FS eligible for St Kilda)
2025 - Charlie Wilson
2025 - Tom Wilson

2026 - Raphael Cornes
2026 - Louis Salopek
2026 - Nate Tredrea
2026 - Tevita Rodan
2027 - Percy Burgoyne (also FS eligible for Hawthorn)
2027 - Sonny Cornes
2028 - Jordan Pearce (also FS eligible for Fremantle)
2028 - Max Salopek

2028 - Leo Tredrea
2029 - Bodi Westhoff
2030 - Maikeli Rodan
2031 - Beau Schulz
2032 - Tomasi Rodan
2033 - Jack Dew
2033 - Anthony Surjan
2033 - Zander Surjan
2033 - Alipate Carlile Jr
2033 - Jude Carr
2033 - Jack Dew
2034 - Billy Salopek
2035 - Arlo Carr

2035 - Leo Ebert
2036 - Ed Salopek
2037 - Remi Westhoff

Special mention to Zane Fiacchi (father George played 236 SANFL games for us between 1985-1997) who may be father-son eligible for us in 2022. George must have fulfilled the 200 SANFL game quota prior to us joining the AFL in 1997 so that would mean his son Zane is eligible for father-son status with us, right?
a good list … but their is 2 x Jack Dew's 2033 (my list has a Frankie Dew 2030) …

I also have Henry Ebert 2037 and Robbie's son - Aston Gray 2035

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Feb 23, 2008
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Port Adelaide
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1. Thats still useful info
2. You can bet solid $$$ that if an AFLW player has an elite footballer son, clubs will be lining up for a mother-son rule
fu**, imagine Greg Phillips' grandson playing for the Crows. Vomit.

EDIT: Great minds Andre

Holden Hillbilly

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Oct 8, 2004
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Schofield and Jones in the 2020 academy:



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Mar 10, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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Man Utd, Celtic, Tanunda
Schofield and Jones in the 2020 academy:

Dudley and Nelligan from our old country zones on EP.

Borlase!!! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh.


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Nov 5, 2009
Aldinga Beach
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Port Adelaide
Isiah Dudley is only tiny but shows a lot of talent .
Comes from a long line of Dudley’s from Ceduna/Port Lincoln .
There’s bit lots of very talented Dudley’s from that mob but they’re a bit of a poor family and need help to keep fit and healthy etc . Hopefully Isaiah has shown enough to get the support he’ll need

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