Prediction Potential Port Adelaide Next Gen Academy players

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Oct 7, 2005
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Are there other teams?
Pie 4 Life went 186cm, 86kg. Either way he's going to be a pretty big unit. Might make Gould less attractive as a first round pick this year?
I wonder if we think the sub 192cm key defender is the new black? Jonas, McKenzie, Lienert, Garner, Jones. I'd always thought this was out of necessity but we don't appear to want to change it. Jones played this role on Sunday and did it very well. Good closing speed, very good kick. Definitely one to watch.

Fredericks was obviously excellent on Sunday. If he's 19, that takes the shine off it a bit. That basically has him competing with Pudney who did very well all year in the League team while Fredericks played U18s but he has pace, can take a mark and kick a goal. He would add an interesting dynamic inside 50. Are we certain, this Fredericks is NGA as well?

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Nov 16, 2004
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The Mighty Blacks
Like Flinders Uni :D
Harsh. :)

Flinders at least have a decent campus.

I found this bit interesting and wonder if there are some opportunities for Ports to establish an exchange;



Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea is an education partnership between the world-famous Real Madrid Football Team and the internationally renowned Real Madrid Universidad Europea.

The School was launched in 2006 to address the growing role of sport in global economies, and the need for professionals with sports-focused expertise in business, management, finance and communication.
From management, health and communications through to leisure and recreation, the School trains professional leaders in all disciplines relating to sport.

Courses are crafted and delivered by professionals and academics from Real Madrid CF as well as Universidad Europea de Madrid, and the School is today recognised for delivering one of the world’s top 10 Sports Management MBA programs,

Both Torrens University Australia and Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea are part of the Laureate International Universities network, and Torrens University has teamed-up with Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea to deliver the Master of Business Administration (Sports Management) course.
This collaboration is the first step of what is intended to be a long term strategy for the University which will see the launch of additional joint sports related courses in the future.

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea’s Sports Management MBA was nominated one of the 10 Best Master’s Degrees in Sports Management in the world by Sports Business Magazine 2015 and nominated Best Master’s Degree in Sports Management in Spain in El Mundo newspaper’s 2015 ranking.


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Mar 1, 2014
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Port Adelaide
James Borlase son of Port player Darryl is playing OK .. Bloody Crows have him in their Next Generation Academy. What a bloody disaster that is geez.

Taj Schofield playing OK as well. Made some good passes.

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