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Team Captain
Aug 14, 2021
AFL Club
He did have a few kicking yips - some weeks passing off to someone else when he should have taken the shot - but overall marked well and kicked well enough (20 g, 9 b @ 2.2 goals per game). I agree if he can only play 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 5 because he needs a week off to freshen up, then so be it - prefer to have him 75 or 80% than break down mid-season and only get 50% of the year.
Yeah some of the distance goal kicking stuff was weird, there was shots from very kickable distances that he seemed to pass on. I think with the kicking it may have been an issue when he re-aggravated that calf issue mid season (think it was calf may have been hamstring) because in the Adelaide game which was his debut he had no issue kicking from distance and slotted one from around 50m with no real issues yet later in the year he seemed more hesitant, round 18 against Sydney comes to mind. Thought his marking was great all year, on a per game basis he was right near the top for both contested marking and marks inside 50, while not as mobile as he once was still found ways to use his craft to free himself up and use his strong hands.


Premiership Player
Mar 8, 2002
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North Melbourne
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LA Angels
He played really well whenever he did play think it's just a matter of keeping him fit and in the best 22 and if that means giving him rest weeks to make sure his body is right then that's whats gotta be done
If only it were that easy....

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All Australian
Oct 31, 2016
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Is that Ian Hill. Good that he is happy.


Oct 13, 2020
AFL Club
More mid time for Ash is interesting, could be as a wing or tagger maybe? Good to see Cogs get some love too!
From what I've heard Ash is a beast physically, skills, tough and fast. He was better late year when he was in the action tagging then running off and trying to damage going the other way.
Him and Tom Green will be incredible. Bruhn also looked better in the middle last year but we really need a forward so I think he might end up rotating through there.
Great to hear Phil is impressed with Brander. Sometimes it just takes a new team to get a guy going and build some confidence.


Club Legend
Jan 26, 2014
AFL Club
Good to see some footage out of the club

Anyone notice who hasnt been seen from the footage so far?

Keefe and Buckley rehabbing from ACL's and then Phil mentioning Callaghan with the rehab group, any others who may be late starters to the season

Phil did mention Fahey as coming back from injury also

I did notice all 3 rucks in the footage which is a good sign

And he may be there but did anyone see Haynes in any footage?

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