Training Pre Season 21/22

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RJK Tiger

Club Legend
Oct 29, 2020
AFL Club
The feedback from training all sounds pretty fantastic, especially that of Dion. 18 games over 2 years was a very concerning reality for his future years, but its sounding like his 1st full pre-season at punt road might be career changing. In saying that though, if he still goes down with a lower body injury despite that awesome pre-season - then we need to really be prepared for a decline.

Its also great to hear RCD is making a strong impression on the track - got to think he may have finally developed a tank. The other guy that i think. has a sneaky good chance of making a huge leap this season is KMac - sounds like he may have hit the elite level of being a 2 way runner, which will be a HUGE benefit to our wing concerns.

That was what killed us last year - not so much that so many top end players got injured, the problem was despite that none of our next tier players appeared to make the leap to fill the void. Our once incredibly deep list appeared to have a huge hole in the middle of it.

Last night i watched a replay of the 2019 Grand Final. Watching it I have no ******* idea how Marlion Pickett didn't translate to being a consistent clearance machine for us. I can't really remember, but last year when our midfield got decimated, did we play him on a wing or though the middle? I feel like he still spent most of his time on a wing, which seems crazy to watch that game and think he hasnt been used as a mid as much. The other observations i had was how dangerous Dan looked up forward, but also how useful Caddy was, even on the wing. Does anyone know where Caddy is at with training? ie mid, fwd group etc. Its hard to fathom that his career is where it is currently, especially since he hasn't really had a bad run with injuries etc

I called it back in Feb. Dion is a great player, but he is physically cooked well before his time. Its all fun and sunshine talking about exceptional pre-seasons, but if your body falls apart 1 quarter into the real deal, you need to listen to your body.

Cotchin as well.

Club needs to commit to playing a young midfield ASAP. It was totally pants tonight by a Carlton midfield missing Walsh. The forward & backline looks pretty good and should continue to be so for another 5+ years - but the midfield is totally shot. Play the kids through it and bottom out to get a top 5 pick. It sucks, but finishing 9th leads us no-where. We know this. Take our medicine like a man - you cannot win this version of AFL with a shithouse midfield

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