Game Day Pre season game 1 vs Collingwood - 1st March 2020 @ Norm Minns Oval, Wangaratta

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May 15, 2017
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Pies will be going all out for a JLTship
i still jack off to the replay of our 2017 nab cup game against pies where the commentators spent the whole game saying pies were electric/best midfleld of all time and we looked miserable and season was over LOL :drunk:


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May 7, 2008
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Don't tempt fate, this is months away, don't want to put the mozz on anyone to get injured. On the upside we do get to take 26 so plenty will get a run that day. I do imagine there are two blokes who have their fold up chairs with their scarves already at the ground saving their spots ... one at fullback and the other on the forward flank he has been seen lately wearing a strange haircut, shaved on one side ... he has either had an op or is in a boy band. ;)

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