Preferred Grand Final match-up

Preferred Grand Final match-up

  • Richmond Vs Collingwood

    Votes: 82 52.6%
  • Richmond Vs GWS

    Votes: 31 19.9%
  • Geelong Vs Collingwood

    Votes: 17 10.9%
  • Geelong Vs GWS

    Votes: 26 16.7%

  • Total voters

Franc de Borges

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 5, 2010
Behind Sunglasses
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Tottenham Hotspur, Socceroos
I'd prefer Geelong Vs GWS so I don't have to live in fear during the game. Richmond Vs Collingwood is the worst or second worst match-up imaginable for a Carlton supporter.

Interestingly, if Collingwood qualify we'll see a Grand Final match-up record equalled. Currently held by Collingwood Vs Melbourne on 7 occasions, either potential Collingwood opponent would equal this tally.

Collingwood Vs Melbourne

Carlton Vs Collingwood
Carlton Vs Essendon
Carlton Vs Richmond
Collingwood Vs Richmond
Collingwood Vs Geelong
Essendon Vs Melbourne

Carlton Vs South Melbourne
Collingwood Vs Essendon
Collingwood Vs Fitzroy

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Club Legend
Oct 27, 2007
Western Australia
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
GWS (---) Geelong (2011) Richmond (2017) Collingwood (2018).

Like to see different teams in the grand final, so GWS-Geelong would be ideal. Second preference is GWS-Tigers. Generally, third preference would be Pies-Cats, but I can't deny a Pies-Tigers GF would be epic.

I am looking forward to the GF in any case. I have a feeling GWS might have an awful GF match if they get there, though, and I hope that's not the case because I'd like to see an epic GF and I'm confident the Pies wouldn't go down easy against the Tigers or Cats.


Premiership Player
Feb 5, 2018
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Chicago Blackhawks Melb Renegades
Anything but Collingwood and Geelong. Please Richmond. I'm on the Pies for the flag but if the Cats get up on Friday I'll be a Giants fan come 4:30pm Saturday.

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Jack Graham That Is 🏆
Sep 13, 2015
Hillary Step
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Richmond v Anyone, surprisingly
Either opponent has benefits
GWS would be a fair bit easier to get a ticket against
Collingwood is a pretty tantalising prospect, the contrast between a win and a loss is about as big as it gets


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 10, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
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Manchester City, Lakers
Got to be nerve racking for a Pies fan if they made it. I remember that feeling in 2005. Can either win a premiership, or lose 2 GF's in a row and hate your life.


Club Legend
Apr 5, 2010
Port Hedland
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West Coast
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Glory, Hammarby, Ajax, Glenelg
If its a close game tigers v pies would have possibly the most insane atmosphere of a GF since the old VFL days.

GWS v Geelong would be an almost surreal atmosphere, what a strange GF match up that would be, but thats my preferred option as I want the Giants to win the flag and I think they can beat the Cats but I dont think they can beat the Tigers.


May 5, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Of the remaining 4 teams I would prefer GWS win the flag but I don't see them making it. The very unlikely GWS vs Geelong would be interesting.

I reckon it will be Collingwood vs Richmond which should be an OK game. Don't love the way Richmond play but enjoy Collingwood's style of play.

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