Review Preliminary Final, 2020 - Brisbane Lions vs. Geelong

Who were your five best players against Geelong?

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Club Legend
Aug 21, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Linc played hard, physical finals footy and made his tackles stick. His body strength was telling - he has been a great pick up and been remarkably resilient considering where he was before he came to us. Would like to see him get more mid-field time in 2021.
you hope him and Zorko swap next year.
You say Zorko play more forward minutes and Linc more mid time


Club Legend
Nov 13, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Not too sure how much though the coaches would've put into it. One just had his dreams crushed and the other had to start preparing for a Grand Final
Absolutely. No need for strategy and things. So it was just their simple and honest thoughts. These people were the best players on the day. Good.

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