Premiership Coach 2011 Draft Purge

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Apr 16, 2014
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North Melbourne
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For anyone who still plays, you probably have the issue where the same 20+ years olds will clog up the draft year after year. To fix this, I have written a python script. It's not the cleanest thing and if anyone more experienced in Python wants to have a shot at fixing it up and making it a bit better feel free. In the file you can configure in the array the years you want to check for. It checks those years against the players in the Regional Clubs list and deletes them from the game, so they won't end up in the draft pool.

This will break the regional clubs screen (probably because we are deleting a lot of their players) and it could have other issues I am not aware of so please make back ups before each time you use the script.

To use it set the directory path to your RegClub folder of your save (make a backup!)

Set the birth years of the players you want to cut. I usually do ages 20-25 so work out the years from your game date and add them in.

You need Python to run it and you run it open Command Prompt and type these two commands.

cd <file directory where you saved the file>

I'd recommend running this at the start of the year, then your scouts will only scout the players under 20.



Aug 27, 2011
AFL Club
St Kilda
You are a champion mate, been playing for years and have always found this issue frustrating cheers for the share! I second the notion for updated playing lists!

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