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Jul 30, 2018
AFL Club
How long until this is taught in Australia?
The Seattle school district is planning to infuse all K-12 math classes with ethnic-studies questions that encourage students to explore how math has been "appropriated" by Western culture and used in systems of power and oppression, a controversial move that puts the district at the forefront of a movement to "rehumanize" math.​
The district's proposed framework outlines strands of discussion that teachers should incorporate into their classes. One leads students into exploring math's roots "in the ancient histories of people and empires of color." Another asks how math and science have been used to oppress and marginalize people of color, and who holds power in a math classroom.​



Community Leader
Jul 16, 2009
AFL Club
Good. Use our Arabic symbols to calculate how many more slaves during history have been 'white' and where the root of the word comes from.
Handbrake turn soon follows.

Rusty Brookes

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 9, 2001
AFL Club
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Hawthorn, Manningham Cobras
Understanding the history of science and mathematics is a good thing. This however shouldn't be taught in maths class. This is a history lesson.

Understanding that maths and science works, regardless of the person conducting it is also a good thing. And you teach that by teaching the fundamentals of maths and science.

Hey I swing to the left on many issues but I totally agree here - this is stupid.

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