Roast Proof of Bibery with Governments

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Pie eyed

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Jun 26, 2007
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and you see it again with the Block Sites.

I see Uncle Rupert been Bribing the Government again
Asking "Government", particularly the Federal Liberal Government, to "Block" anything on the internet is like asking the Federal Liberal Government to stop Multi-Nationals evading billions in tax, which is like asking the Federal Liberal Government to explain why it is lobbying itself to give a billion dollar loan to Adani who are registered in an off shore tax haven and are currently under investigation for numerous tax frauds world wide and who are likely to never return a single cent of it, while stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of our coal and simultaneously, not only making it impossible for Australia to meet it's Carbon emissions target in the next 30 years but actually increase our emissions.

The Liberal government do not know their collective arseholes from their elbows...period, on any subject.

They're a burden.

If they were in Europe in the 50's we would pack them off to Palestine.

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