2nds Prospects for the Non-Premiership Players in 2022

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Apr 7, 2003
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Thought it might be worth making a thread to talk about the guys who didn't play in the premiership last year, and what we think we can expect from them this year. As the boys have been saying all off-season, these guys are probably going to be important in driving the team to maintain its standards for this year, so I'd like to talk about where these guys might fit into the team going forward. Who is going to break into the team? Who are they going to replace? Who is going to surprise us, for better or worse?

12. Toby Bedford - Now coming into his fourth year with the team, and yet to make his debut for the club (sorry, played two games in 2020), so I don't think it'd be unfair to call this a make-or-break year for him. Has been hurt by the lack of Casey games, but by all accounts has been doing all of the right things there when he's been given the chance. Obviously competing with Spargo, ANB and Pickett for a spot in the first team, but I'm not sure if he'd be first cab off the rank given Laurie, Melksham and Chandler are also waiting in the wings.

16. Bailey Laurie - Really excited by his talent, and see him as a classy, influential midfielder in the long-term. I'm sure we'll see him at some point during the season, though probably predominantly as a forward. Of the nine players on our list who have yet to play a senior game, I think he's the best placed to have an impact in 2022.

18. Jake Melksham - Not sure what's been holding him back over the past couple of years, but I think he'd want to have a chat with Tom McDonald to find out what he did to get his agility back after a couple of down seasons. Will probably struggle to find his way into the team given the younger teammates who are competing for his spot, but from what Tomlinson said about his determination in that recent interview, I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised that he can still have an impact this year.

19. Fraser Rosman - Seemed to be talked about as more of a project player when he was drafted last year, and given his lack of Casey games I'm not expecting to see a lot of him this year. Seems physically ready, so might be a chance to come in for a taste on a wing if Brayshaw or Langdon ever get injured.

20. Adam Tomlinson - Obviously comfortably best 22 at the start of the year, but now question marks over where exactly he fits back into the team with Petty doing such a good job in his place. Can he play on smaller opponents, taking Hibberd's place maybe? Or will he play tall, and free up Lever and May? Will be interesting to see exactly where he fits in, but I've got no doubt he'll play a big part in the team.

26. Sam Weidemann - Like I said in the JVR thread, I think he's underrated by some here, and given a good run at it I think he can be a 40+ goal a year forward. He dominated at Casey, and he was good in the first team in the back half of 2020, so I think I have at least some evidence there to back me up. A lot depends on the form of McDonald, but Weid will definitely get some chances in the team next year. I just hope he takes them this time around, because if he doesn't arrive this year then he probably never will.

28. Majak Daw - Obviously only there as back-up to Gawn and Jackson. Would like to see him debut for the club, but would much rather see Gawn and Jackson have injury-free seasons.

29. Jayden Hunt - Would fancy his chances of reclaiming a spot in the team. A lot depends on how Hibberd goes next year, and whether or not Rivers and Bailey have a form-dip that many young players are prone to having in their 2nd-3rd seasons, but he and Tomlinson are the most likely of the non-2021 premiership players to play in a 2022 premiership.

33. Oskar Baker - Not sure where he fits into the team at the moment. As I understand it, he's being trained as depth for the wing position, but I'm not sure what standout attributes he has to challenge Brayshaw or Langdon to be a regular member of the 22. Coming into his 5th season now, so wherever he ends up playing its make-or-break time.

34. Deakyn Smith - I understand he's pretty highly rated internally, but I don't think I've ever seen him play. He's starting the year a long way back in the queue, so I'm not really sure what his prospects are for this year. Just making his debut would probably be a solid achievement.

37. Kade Chandler - Happy he got another year, because he does appear to have a few tricks as a forward, and he seems to be popular at the club, but I don't think he's shown enough yet to think he's going to make a big impact on the team next year. Happy to be proven wrong though.

38. Mitch Brown - With due respect to Mitch, he's probably not getting anywhere near the team next year unless something goes catastrophically wrong. His main role next year will be to give the Casey midfielders someone to kick it to.

42. Daniel Turner - Another one who seems to be rated highly internally, and who probably would have debuted by now if he were at another club, but he's going to find it difficult to break into the team next year. The goal will be to get a full season of matches at Casey, continue developing as a player, and present as a long-term option in defence from 2023 onwards.

44. Joel Smith - The poor bastard just always seems to get injured whenever it looks like he might be ready to make an impact. Is obviously being trained as a back-up medium defender, but given the competition in that part of the ground he might get more of a look-in as a back-up medium forward to Bailey Fritsch. He's shown some promise in that position before (especially in that preseason game where he ****ed up his groin but we kept him on the ground anyway) but it seems like Goody is a big proponent of only playing players in the positions that they've been trained to play in, so I'm not sure how much we can expect to see of Joel in 2022.

??. Luke Dunstan - Will definitely play a role in the team in 2022. He'll obviously come in for Viney when Viney misses his customary 6-8 weeks with a foot complaint, but he'll also keep guys like Harmes, Jordon and Sparrow honest and take their place if their form dips.

??. The Rookies - Taj Woewodin, Jacob Van Rooyen, Judd McVee, Andy Moniz-Wakefield, Blake Howes. Not expecting much from these guys - I think any of them debuting would be a pretty big achievement - but you're welcome to argue otherwise.
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Oct 18, 2013
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I honestly expect JVR to play a game at some stage this year. Whether that be becoz of injury or lets hope, "managing" players towards the end of the year. :)

Laurie and Rosman the two im excited about, particularly Rosman on what I saw at Casey last year, him and Howes manning the wings in future years could be an exciting duo.

Surprised we didnt trade Hunt, happy to have him back for depth regardless.

Been on record numerous times saying I think Tomo, May, Petty and Lever can all play in the same backline, Hibbo the one likely to make way imo.

Dunstan is nice depth, really good like for like replacement for Viney if something goes wrong. Dont for a second expect him to replace Sparrow, Tommy's later part of the season and finals was amazing, he might be my favourite player at the club now, sky is the limit honestly, think he can be a special player for us.

Im a Turner fan, but times are tough if he debuts this year, hope he has a great year at Casey and becomes a key part of our future.

I love Joel Smith and Kade Chandler, seem like great clubman and guys to be around, you need a couple of them at every footy club.

Not expecting much from the rest, but there is some nice depth there at nearly all positions.
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Dec 3, 2010
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So good to be in a position where we aren't concerned with x amount of draft picks making debuts next year. We can let them develop in the vfl and give them a taste when we can.

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Mar 29, 2006
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It’s certainly going to be a hard team to break into. Especially if we have another good injury run. The more senior guys who missed out on the flag will be working their arses off. But it seems the guys who played in it are to. You certainly wouldn’t want to drop form especially the small forwards. I could see Bedford and Chandler really pushing hard.
Weideman looks like he’s doing the Tmac training from last year and could see him break in at some stage to.
The key defenders will again be a hard spot to break into. Surely Petty holds his spot. But Tomlinson looking super fit and will be smashing the door down.
J Smith or Hunt will also be fighting for Hibbo’s spot. I actually think Smith offers something if he is fit.


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Sep 27, 2018
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Covid cases will ensure some of these guys get a run.

Reckon Bailey Laurie is similar to Spargo but with a few more tricks so look forward to seeing him develop.

Excited to see Howes play at VFL, reckon he's got a bit of X-factor, not dissimilar to Rosman but probably a bit better a natural footballer


Apr 2, 2012
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Agree Hunt and Tomlinson are most likely to get regular games. I was pretty impressed by Hunt last year, did the simple things well as a backman and used his pace more effectively.
I like Weid, but if he gets a chance he really needs to take it this year. He's had some patches of ok form but needs to do more to take and hold a spot now.
Laurie seems a good chance to debut if any of our small forwards are hurt/oof and sounds like a handy player.
I expect Dunstan, JSmith, Melk etc to get a few games each but not expecting much new. I think we know what we'll get with them and they're good depth to have.


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May 2, 2008
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We had a terrific run with injuries last year so I fully expect depth players to be used in more games this year.
Sure there is some luck involved with injuries but having the best sports performance guy in the land and a young list helps too. It wasn’t all just luck, but is passed off like it is.

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Mar 7, 2018
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i'd expect Dunstan, Weideman and Hunt would be almost certain to get a game at some stage. others like Bedford, Melksham, Baker and the Smiths as well if the right player is out. Tomlinson has gotta work his way back.
haven't seen enough of Laurie yet but what i did didn't excite me too much. still early days for him though.
Rosman i'm doubtful about making the grade.
the rest are just real depth sorts or developing kids, so i don't really expect to see too much of them at all.


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Apr 1, 2018
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I'm going to put my neck out and say that the Weid is going to break into the team and have a stellar year.

Tomo will definitely come back into the side at some point, probably at the expense of Hibbo.

Can't see too many other lengthy stints by other players unless we get some long term injuries. Very happy to have such great depth though.


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Apr 12, 2014
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Tomlinson will be back in the 1s so May can play a bit more loose. If he is fit May can take small/medium forwards anyway.

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