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Nicks guys finish last
Jul 9, 2009
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If at the end of this review process Pyke is the only head to go just stop supporting this franchise.

They don’t deserve it. Honestly.

They have one opportunity to get this right and don’t deserve any more second chances.

Forget loyalty, if you’re game then jump ship. If you’re not then find a new sport.
100%. If Pyke goes and Burton stays I'm giving up on football. Moving to Qld with work shortly so shouldn't be hard.


Rat in a cage
Jul 31, 2007
the inside
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People who care claiming that this is evidence that fans won't tolerate rebuilding (and are somehow therefore to blame) are being dishonest.

This isnt 'we suck because we rebuilt'. This is 'we suck despite refusing to rebuild'. We threw everything we had at that eighth place finish, and sucked too much to get there despite a soft as s**t draw and a great run with injury.
And by refusing to even begin changing up the side, we've now left ourselves with no option except for a hard rebuild.

Himmelberg, Gallucci, Davis, Jones, Stengle, Fogarty, ROB, Doedee, Sholl and McHenry all should have played more games. We'd be looking at next year a lot more positively if they had.

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Hall of Famer
Jun 7, 2011
Port MacDonnell yay!!!
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All year they sold the lack of injuries as a big success and proof that the same team can turn it around, you don't react by sacking people...

But totally ignored the fact that we couldn't run out games and in the end, couldn't run out the season.

I'm sure we'll learn from it though.
Learnings are fun. Better to have learnings than be competent in the first place.


Dwat that Wabbit
Feb 7, 2009
Hunter Valley
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I think Chapman was hoping it would be a hit job on Pyke, and everything will be rosy. The good news is Fagan, not Chapman is primarily involved in the review.

The good news is you do not get Dunstall in if you want a targeted hit job. If you do, you are an absolute moron.
Not sure Dunstall would take too kindly to Chapmans remarks. He was appointed as part of an external review that should also include Chapman.
To assert that the review is no longer necessary demeans the process and the integrity of the external reviewers.


Club Legend
Jul 22, 2016
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Tex, and now Pyke, showing what ppl that accept responsibility for performance, in a high performance industry, do.

The gauntlet thrown down now to those others, many of which were bigger brakes, to do the same. Lets see how many of the others do the same, that is, put the club before themselves.

Pyke may not have been perfect but he's a class above some others down there.
This is largely my thoughts.

We've seen when Pyke & Burton had the press conference at least Pyke was willing to accept some fault and today he's walked likely knowing what was coming (and with an agreed payout I'm sure). Regardless we haven't seen Burton do the same have we? Says alot about the 2 individuals these little instances imo.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
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So hang on... Chapman has said twice today, and now in a member email, that the review is only for the football department? He said a week ago, repeatedly, that it was club-wide.

He's blatantly lying.
In the initial statement on the review I am confident it specified (in a confusing way) that it was a review of the football department only


All Australian
Jun 11, 2018
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Listening to Chapman just before on 5AA Say he is 100% the man to overlook this review. Yeh righto Chappy you flog. Thats the way just casually distance your own position from the review. Is it ment to be from the top down? He is dodgier than a 2 day old chicken curry. That Nepotist needs to fu** off immediately. I tell you this club. Every single ******* time.

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Sith Lord
Oct 14, 2005
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The report paperwork will get lost. On top of that, the report will be printed in invisible ink, the hard drive the document is saved on destroyed, the building in which it was written raised to the ground, and the person who wrote it will be assassinated
Just like the records from Essendon's doping program then?

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Peter Doherty

Premiership Player
Dec 18, 2007
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I’m genuinely not sure any more.

If it was a legitimate review then I’d think it impossible for others not to go.

The fact that this club is masterful at riding out controversy to protect the boys leaves me with little to no faith whatsoever.
This is exactly where I'm coming from. No way Burton survives most players saying he is sh*t.

I'm of the belief the club knows the days of the old ways of working are over, for now at least. There's too much scrutiny on them.

For what it's worth I think there will be significant change.

-Tex has stepped down
-Pyke gone (New captain coach combo, pretty significant)
-Douglas already moved on

I expect:
-Betts gone
-Jacobs gone
-JJ gone
-Mackay gone
-Burton gone
-Campo gone

I really think pick 3 will be turned into a couple of first rounders, Greenwood and Keath to be cashed in for good picks to assist in this list refresh.


Jun 21, 2004
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I didn't listen to the interview, but someone confirm did he actually say that or is someone taking the piss
He definitely said it.

He might have meant that it will be wrapped up quickly now as they're looking for a new coach and it was just a slip of the tongue.


Hall of Famer
Jun 7, 2011
Port MacDonnell yay!!!
AFL Club
Bitterly disappointed by this. Thought he was the right guy, but we needed to surround him with better people. If he is the ONLY one to go out of our present group of coaches... I’m not sure how I’ll respond to that, but pretty sure it won’t be pleasant.
That’s the major concern. A very senior person has walked the plank and there’s a very good chance that we take the opportunity to re-set the exact same system around a new senior coach. I can’t see our senior assistant/head if we had strategy being marched out the door after Pyke is sacked or fell on sword.

I posted very early that Pyke wouldn’t make it as his philosophies were too closely aligned to the Neil Craig end of the spectrum. Having said that, he’s clearly the most competent coach in our system and in a different stratosphere to the moron that is our head of football. Another thing I posted was that Pyke needed to leverage his results while he had big currency. He failed to do this and has become fully responsible for the performance of the group that he headed now that he has severely diminished currency. Plus, he was front and centre putting 100% blame on the players after the GF loss. That’s on him and his own level of sheer arrogance.


Premiership Player
Feb 4, 2009
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Port Magpies - SNAFL
Only thing im surprised about is that at least 3 others haven't fallen on their swords yet.... Possibly over next week we see that happen.

Clearly lost the players and ran out of ideas.

The 'pizza & beer' episode was probably the last ditch attempt at trying to reconnect and spark something with the players. Total FAILURE.

Ultimately - far too much rigidity and lack of 'feel' for gameday. Always defaulted to "clearly got to get better and look at what went wrong" - rather than "Angry, frustrated and hate losing"

Interesting Pykes comment in his presser... "after reflection... I agree i was probably part of the problem... upon reflection, wasn't going to be part of the solution" - Damning. Just DAMNING.
The clear lesson is never bring ham and pineapple to a pizza party that needed the lot!!

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