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Q150: 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland

Discussion in 'Queensland Footy' started by Toucan Soup, Mar 3, 2016.

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    As many people and clubs are already aware, 2016 represents 150 years of Australian Football in Queensland.

    Over the past several years, a group of local historians, Queensland Australian Football Forensics (QAFF), has voluntarily researched the history of our code in our state. The culmination of their work has led to the production of a book, in excess of 800 pages, almost ready for publication. The goal of QAFF is to produce 1000 standard copies of the book, plus a further 100 Special Edition copies. More information about QAFF can be found at www.q150.net.au

    However, QAFF now needs the help of the football public.

    Here is how you can help:
    · Financial assistance is required to complete the project and get the book published. If you know a business that would like to link themselves with this prodigious and exceptional work, please let us know. Sponsors are needed to help meet publishing costs.

    · If you cannot afford to sponsor the Q150 project, pre-purchase of the book(s) is equally helpful. This can be arranged either on the website, or even better, via our crowdfunding page: https://ozcrowd.com/campaigns/q150-150-years-of-australian-football-in-queensland/#.VteN1KN--Uk

    · If you are unable to assist financially, please let others know about the project: club sponsors & members, players, supporters, friends, etc. Word-of-mouth can be the best promotion. It would be awful if someone was keen to participate in the project, but was never given the opportunity. By spreading the message, you will help.

    · There is always more information to gather. The jigsaw of Queensland football is taking shape – but if you have any obscure fact that can help fill a blank, QAFF wants to hear from you. It could be an article, photo, program, trophy, guernsey, etc – all info helps.

    QAFF appreciates that clubs are constantly trying to organise their own fundraising. However, this is a unique project, one that has never previously been attempted for Queensland.

    Ultimately, the purpose of the Q150 project is to recognise and celebrate YOUR history.

    Thanks for your support.
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