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Hello all, and welcome to my latest media venture: A Moment in Time. Each week I, Noobz0r, will read to you a story from SFA history. These will generally cover the league's most controversial and baffling moments, and will show how this place both has, and hasn't, changed.

Now, I know what you're (cough Ant Bear) thinking. "Classic Noobz, starting a thread that he won't finish!" Well, firstly this isn't a daily post like my original historical media piece was. Secondly, I've already written 4 of them. So nuts to you.

Each weekly segment will be split into two parts: My recounting of the story and, later in the week, a response by the players involved (if such a response is forthcoming).

In order to cut own on post size, all quotes will be hidden in spoiler tags.

If anyone can recall a controversial moment that they would like to see featured on this media piece, please hit me up via PM with a rundown of the posters involved and a rough guess at the season / round.


List of Moments
1.0 - The Deddy Stoush and Juggalo Balla's Captaincy
1.1 - Episode 1 Interviews
2.0 - A Christmas Message From The Filth Wizard
2.1 - Episode 2 Interviews
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Aug 18, 2009
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The Deddy Stoush and the End of Juggs’ Captaincy

Stanza One – Juggs’ Captaincy

At the beginning of Season 15, Papa Juggs (then known as Juggalo Balla) officially took over the Mount Buller Demons captaincy from league heavyweight @EBIAC. EBIAC had checked out during the previous season, and Juggs (along with Eth) righted the ship and took the Demons to a Grand Final.

So the Demons hit Season 15 with a heap of momentum; heavyweight posters such as Juggs, Eth, and Gus, and the continued rise of youngsters in Quivorir and Deddy.

However, midway through the season, question marks began to arise over Juggs’ captaincy style. He was seen by many as being far too dogmatic and brash. There was initially controversy over his continual spouting about Deddy being a sure thing for the EKA in Season 14, and his constant criticism of the SFA establishment.

However, the biggest hit to his reputation came when Gumbies legend winty kicked his way into the record books by becoming the leading goal kicker in SFA history. Juggs’ responded by accusing the Gumbies of going against the spirit of the competition by continuing to play their (admittedly inactive) club legend at full forward.

Fall out can be seen in the following OP of a boncer34 thread, where public opinion began to turn against Juggs.

Juggalo Balla=Hypocrite

By Haig Crutchinson

Juggalo Balla today proved to the league what many already knew when he abused Gumbies legend winty, he is in fact a giant douche. But what he also proved with his disgraceful tirade is that Floggalo Balla is also a hypocrite. In what should have been a glorious moment Gumbies legend Winty became the leagues goal kicking leader, however this feat prompted a embarrassing rant from Floggalo Balla:

Now that rant is embarrassing enough with Floggalo going to town on a competition legend which has prompted deserved outrage from many posters. However it was the following comment that had this reporter interested:

Interesting enough Floggalo has made it clear that he doesn't support inactives getting records. However in relation to Deestroy Floggalo made this thread earlier this year:

It was in this thread that Floggalo glee fully declared he didn't care the Deestroy if was a inactive and that he would leave him in the side and ensure that one day Deestroy would become the games record holder.

This of course leads to the obvious conclusion that Floggalo is currently the biggest hypocrite in the league. When one league legend breaks a record he devalues it because the legend is inactive yet if another league legend stays inactive Floggalo will continue to play him to ensure that he breaks a record.

This reporter for one finds this extremely distasteful and only further serves Floggalo's reputation as on of the worst posters in the league, one of the biggest flogs and of course easily the worst captain in the league.

However, Juggs still had the backing of the Demons, and the support of his lieutenants in Eth and Deddy. Whilst public opinion was against him, he still was safe in his position as Demons captain.

That is until he managed to destroy Deddy’s enthusiasm for the club.

Stanza Two – The Ruck Issue

It was Round 13 of Season 15, and the Demons were coming off an absolutely thrilling 1 point win against the East Side Hawks. Quivorir starred with 22 touches in the ruck, and was the teams 4th most prolific poster (with 175 total posts through 13 rounds…). It was going to be hard to take the ruck spot off of him.

Captain Juggs gave his thoughts on the game, and all hell broke loose.

Good work Quivorir , that'll make it hard for 'em to get the ruck spot back off ya.

Harsh but fair.

We still love Deddy and he'll get runs through the midfield. Looks like lanky_wes has earned a trot in the guts too.

Thanks for doing the numbers Eth

Whilst much of this conversation took place behind close doors, it seems that promising league youngster Deddy had been promised said ruck spot as a reward for his work so far that season.

And what can only be described as the greatest sledging match between team mates in a team thread then took place:

Promised permanent ruck spot.

Nek minnit...

We're just going to sweep this under the rug?

Okay then.

That was when you were an awesome poster that I couldn't afford to lose.

You became expendable when you slacked off.

Sorry if that's harsh but that's the truth of it. I think I've been more than fair.

I'm done with you.

How on earth you get to consistently play midfield yet criticise me and say "He'll get runs through the midfield" is honestly piss-poor captaincy.

You have turned this proud club into a rabble, Eth can only do so much to help you and you make it ****ing difficult for him and the rest of us with your shit posting and whining.

You should've jumped ship when you had the chance.

Don't think I've forgotten about that. Was going to keep my mouth shut about it but since you're keen to have a go at me we'll just put that out there.

I had a chance to jump ship but didn't cause I love the club and everyone in it bar you.

Great to know how you've felt about me all long Juggs.

As long as you are captain, I won't be playing another game for the Demons.

No Deddy, I don't hate you.

I'm disappointed you dropped off.

I didn't promise you the ruck 100% regardless of posting and you know it.

boncer posted 70+ times last week and will struggle to play midfield.

You post 9-12 times and I'll offer you a midfield spot just not ruck.

I think you're being a little precious here.

It's not just a midfield spot.

It's having to constantly defend you when you dig holes for yourself. You drag us your teammates down, and I'm not willing to help you anymore.

I never asked for you to defend me.

This is about you becoming your own poster and owning your place on this board.

That is something you're still yet to do.

If you feel it's difficult in my shadow I'd say you should look at Eth and see how it's affected him.

I can't become my own poster and own it while I'm here, I wish I could say otherwise but I'm afraid I can't stay.

So it was, Deddy had left the team thread in a rage, and went straight into writing the following media piece.

News is breaking that Deddy has finally walked out of the Demons. Press conference to come later.

Talk about succinct eh?

The Demons weren’t long behind in responding, however in an interesting turn of events, Eth was the one who instigated the thread. Was this a statement about where the Demons current leadership was sourced? Juggs was already under fire from around the league, did this indicate that his position as captain was also becoming untenable?

The Demons respond to Deddy's departure

By Mike Rotch

(tl;dr? Scroll down to the end of the post)

Eth was quite disappointed upon hearing the latest news regarding Deddy... was Juggalo Balla.

It's official; Deddy has walked out on the Mount Buller Demons.

The news was broken last night when the former deputy vice-captain and reigning club best and fairest winner announced his intentions to move elsewhere.

He played every possible game in his tenure with the club, for a career tally of 32. The versatile player also kicked 26 goals, and polled eight votes in the Mobbenfuhrer Medal in his debut season.

And, with me, Mike Rotch, the Sweet FA journalist with the highest quality articles and the most unfortunate name for the entirety of his career, we had the chance to interview the captain and vice-captain respectively of the Mount Buller Demons, Juggalo Balla and Eth, after their latest training session at the Snow Dome, in preparation for a do-or-die clash with the West Coast Wonders.

Mike Rotch: So, what’s your take on the entire Deddy fiasco?

Eth: I think we’ve gotten the gist than Deddy hasn’t been entirely pleased with the way Juggs operates as a captain for a while now, and through his posting that’s come across.

MR: What did you make of Deddy's reaction?

Juggalo Balla: I think Deddy is letting out some things he has wanted to say about me but has been keeping it in as he did not want to bash a team mate. If he had concerns about me he should have approached me and let me know. To me this feels like it's coming out of nowhere. Blaming me for his departure saddens me deeply, I thought I looked after him.

MR: And you, Eth?

E: As I’ve stated, it’s something that I knew could happen and told him privately I didn’t want to happen, which he understood, so he’s gone completely back on my word and I think that from that, he’s dissolved the trust of myself, Juggs and most importantly the club through a lack of loyalty and, well, respect, I s'pose.

MR: What made you remove Deddy from the ruck, which prompted the argument and hence his departure?

JB: At first I wanted to just give other players a go at the role and then as his posting slacked off more and more I felt that he didn't deserve it any more and was not holding up his end of the bargain. He earnt the spot by being a great poster but you can't ride on past performances forever.

MR: Do you think it was the correct decision to do so?

E: I think that Deddy's been relatively disappointing all season with his posting output - to which I would believe he'd agree - and hasn’t, in my opinion, lived up to the standard we would expect from him in his now-former role as deputy vice-captain, and as an EKA runner-up from yesterseason...if that word exists. Spellcheck says not, but meh, I don’t give a stuff. I’ve coined that. It’s mine.

So to the question, yes, it was.

MR: Do you think him leaving the club is well-justified?

JB: He leaves himself with no chance to win a premiership in season 15. Once again I'll express my disappointment in a lack of communication. I think he had things he needed to get off his chest about me and that should have been done behind closed doors.

MR: Could it have been handled better?

E: Definitely. Juggs has just said (typed), a lack of communication and then chucking a public tanty and quitting over what we will stand by is a fair call isn’t a fantastic attitude to hold. From our end there wasn't a great deal we could do.

MR: What do you think of him now as a poster, and has your opinion changed on him in the past 24 hours?

JB: Certainly, who knows how long he's been stewing with this dissatisfaction. I still think he is finding his way as a poster but is slowly becoming more sure of himself. He can still be a star and more than a bit parter, but if okey's trolling didn't fire him up I'm not sure what will. This meltdown is the most active he's been all season.

MR: Are you concerned with the stance of players towards your captaincy?

JB: I think opinion is fairly polarised. Some can see the good I do with the team but others can't get past me taking a crack at their mates. I'm actually a nice poster some of the time while some are cranky all of the time.

MR: What do you foresee in Deddy’s future, Eth?

E: Forecasts might be a little cloudy, I reckon. I think that for him to very easily lose interest in the competition and be so easily dissatisfied with the way a club operates doesn’t play into his favour, so there’s no doubt cons to picking him up, or to hold a senior role with expansion if he does decide to take that path. However, I’ll say that if he can lift his game and his mindset towards the league, then he still does have a future here, so we’ll wish him all the best.

MR: And the club’s?

E: The club’s in good stead and can more than cover this aberration. No worries from the Snow Dome.

MR: And that's all we have from the Snow Dome and the news room this week. Tune in for my next instalment some time in the future. For now, always the same journo, always bringing the same news, Mike Rotch reporting.

(tl;dr, hey? Fornicate yo'self, scroll back up)

As it turns out, this was merely wall papering over the cracks appearing in Juggs’ reign as captain. Literally 5 posts into the thread, beez chimed in and really broke it wide open. Did Deddy’s departure mean that there was more to Juggs’ current woes than it seemed?

So many people have missed the point in this whole situation. Deddy may have been a little annoyed at being moved from the ruck, but that's clearly not the issue here. Over the course of this season Juggalo Balla has made many a disappointing post - not just from a player but from a Captain - and there's only so many times his players can put up with it. Blind freddy could see (well, except Rhodesy_Blues) that Deddy wasn't happy with the way Juggs was going about his day-to-day work, and just a hint of strong leadership from Juggs could've seen this situation stopped before it came to a head. If you look at the way Juggs spoke to Deddy numerous times in the team thread, it was quite evident that any player in Deddy's situation would've done the same thing. Diplomacy > straight shooting is how it works when you're a leader Juggs. Something which quite clearly you have to learn.

If you'd sent a PM to Deddy saying something along the lines of "Mate, I know you're not as active this season, that's cool, but keep trying to get involved as much as you can and I'll keep giving you a midfield spot" rather than the crap that emitted from your mouth in the team thread, you'd still have a vital part of the Demons' team. To say he's expendable sets a dangerous precedent.

Stanza Three - Bye Bye Captaincy

Juggs managed to see out the season, however this incident amongst others really had taken their toll on the combative poster. The league’s worst kept secret was that he would be leaving the position, and that it would be handed to Eth.

It has already been revealed in public that Eth will be the next captain of the Mt Buller Demons.

Don't go thinking he has sucked up to me to earn this position either. He has always been honest with me and has had to hit me with some home truths at times.

A good #2 doesn't follow his captain blindly and I'm grateful that Eth has been his own poster.

It was no secret that Deddy had leadership ambitions at the Demons but he was never going to jump the queue.

It's with great pride that I pass on this position to somebody that is worthy of it. The position of Demons captain has never been an easy one to hold and I think I can hold my head high having done a good job even through the controversies.

When I've done the wrong thing I'm usually able to admit it, apologise and move on.

I think I've really given the Sweet FA a big shake up in many ways and there is still plenty to do but it's not up to me to keep pushing those agendas.

I'm proud that captains take their duties more seriously these days. Most don't agree with my leadership methods but have built their own style which is much better than some inactive flog naming an unchanged line up each week. I'm sorry to any of those leaders that feel I've offended them but I was only trying to push for a higher standard league wide.

Even though it's never really been a goal of mine to be well liked here I would like to forge some friendships with a few posters and out of the spotlight of captaincy I'll be better able to do this.

I still want to win the premiership for the Demons and hope I can lead us all the way this season.

I will be standing down from the Mt Buller Demons captaincy at the conclusion of the current season. That means once the grand final finishes. Eth will be free to choose a whole new leadership group.

I still intend to stay active on these boards I just don't want to cling onto leadership longer than I am committed to these responsibilities. The way I like to lead takes up plenty of time and I feel I'm leaving the club in good hands to do an even better job than I did.

Eth already does a great job with match reports and our best and fairest. For this I'm very grateful, he has been the best vice captain I could ever have.

I considered stepping down before this but I was always concerned it would look like I just being pushed. I've taken this at my own pace and considered all my options.

The Demons are going to stay strong for the remainder of this season and the next one. This will be the foundation of a strong team heading well into the future.

Thanks for your time everybody.

I look forward to leading the Demons in our remaining games this season and hopefully taking us all the way to the flag.

C'MON DEES!!!!!!

However, there were still lingering doubts over his giving up of the captaincy. Many inside the club felt that his being the public face of the Demons was hurting their brand, many were disillusioned with the treatment of Deddy, and some other were considering leaving.

This raised a very important question: was Juggs pushed? Itsmyshow certainly believed so, outlining it in his following media piece.
By Mike Lyon

Sources inside the Mount Buller Demons are preparing for an onslaught of questions today regarding the shock news from outgoing captain Juggalo Balla that he would hand the reigns of the Mt Buller Demons over to youthful Vice Captain Eth at the end of the season.

In an interesting development, sources within the Demons are murmuring that Juggalo was in fact provided with an ultimatum after the issues of recent weeks, the walking out of the club by young star Deddy along with Juggalo's continued insensitive and frankly idiotic comments since taking the reigns of the club from perennial whiny sook EBIAC.

As many are well aware, the history of the Mt Buller Demons has been shrouded in controversy and leadership issues and while there has been many excellent steps taken by Juggs to create some stability within the line up, and on field, the Demons have been far improved, it was the off field culture and leadership that has long been questioned. None of this was more evident than the talks conducted by several of the key Demons list with two veteran superstars from other SFA clubs at the end of last season. It is ruoured that some of the key players behind the scenes approached superstar Hawk captain and all around good guy IMS and now Wonders skipper ShaunDuggan about a possible take over, before bitching out like those at Mt Buller have done so effectively in the past.

When asked, sources within the Demons revealed the current status within the club. "Look, last season, we knew exactly what was required to get IMS & Duggs on board, and really, in hindsight, for the best of the club we should have followed through with it, we have faced nothing but more stupid and idiotic statements from our current leader and continued disintegration of the reputation of the Mt Buller brand", "there is no doubt that discussions in house pointed to a change in leadership, and I think Juggs saw that coming, this decision saved him from being pushed at the end of the season, a bloodless coup if you will".

Whilst some within the competition viewed this news as a complete surprise, many are skeptical of the process, seeing right through the announcement and calling it how they see it. But internally, the Demons are looking to gloss over this, the club believe that they now finally have the right man to lead the club into the future. "Eth is a popular player within the league and has all of the qualities that make a good leader in the SFA, in saying that, a wet bath mat would be a better fit than Juggs" our source said.

Eth is now faced with the monumental task of beginning a rebuild at the Demons that has nothing to do with the list, but more about rebuilding the heavily tarnished reputation of the Demons that has taken a battering over the long term, but was basically smashed unconscious in the "Juggs Era".

The Demons finally had the courage to install the right person as captain, pushing aside the man destined to destroy the club from the inside and therefore installing some respectability back into a role that deserves respect. Eth will no doubt begin the reconstruction of the clubs reputation immediately and the Demons will be better for it.

Papa Juggs' career has since seen him take part in a campaign for league administrator, create and facilitate the first incarnation of the "Boys Club" in a pretty massive BigFooty PM, and since fade into a bit part poster for the East Side Hawks.

His legacy sees him as a very divisive figure, one who is passionate and at times too headstrong. He has never backed down from what he believes in, and has been through several notable rivalries, particularly with boncer34 and okeydoke7.

Juggs, thank you for one of the most entertaining exchanges in team thread history, and congratulations on a stellar career to date.
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Note: if anyone can recall a controversial moment that they would like to see featured on this media piece, please hit me up via PM with a rundown of the posters involved and a rough guess at the season / round.

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