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Oct 13, 2017
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If you are an employer, I have some questions to ask you?

- Why do you put so many requirements in your job ads?
-Do you care at all about how hard it is to get a job, and try to make it as easy as possible, or don't you care?
-Why is experience more important (according to the importance placed on it in job ads) than education or the applicant's reliability or willingness to work?

The fact is, I think a lot of employers aren't really serious when they post job ads. They might be forced into posting them, or a position opens up, but it seems like few of you are breaking your neck to actually employ people. I mean, less employees, less wages that have to be paid, and that money can go instead into the employer's pocket.

A lot of employers are workaholics, so they would probably rather do the job themselves than pay someone else to do it. So, then, why even post a job ad, if you are so pedantic about what you want?

Employers want the world from applicants, yet make no effort to train them. They put minimal effort into finding an employee, but expect maximum effort in the employee already having 20+ years of experience.

I think some employers have a "God complex" and like the thought of having applicants squirm in front of them in an interview, as you hold their future in your hands. It is an employer's market, and they can make all the demands, and give little back in training or preparing someone for the role that the employer wants them to do.

I am usually a Liberal supporter, and have some sympathy on how hard it is to run a business. But I think some employers have forgotten how it was when they were first getting a job. Maybe it was easier back then, so you don't see how much more difficult it is now. We have feelings, and employer's cold rejection letters don't help our confidence.

So, if you are an employer, explain to me what you actually want. I mean, it seems that experience is all important, whereas I think it is better to hire someone with the right attitude and work ethic, and then teach them the skills. Attitude can't be taught, but skills can, and the bar is raised too high so that few can jump over it, and it is one less salary and conditions that have to be paid.

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