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Aug 26, 2004
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Hi all,

We are noticing a bit of a 'creep' recently, where people are copying and pasting an entire article and several paragraphs from articles:

a) without being put in quotation boxes
b) without quotation of source
c) in its entirety. Technically, you are not meant to do this.

We understand that the c) is particularly problematic because of paywalls and the like, but I'd like to remind people of the section of the BigFooty rules on this point:

No illegal content; respect copyright owners.
  • No hacks, torrents, file swapping, or requesting of same from us or other users.
  • No illegal match video or audio streams, or requesting of same from us or other users.
  • Articles from other sites should be limited to a relevant paragraph or two and a link to the source.
  • No drug use talk or similar. You might get away with contextual mentions or relevant discussion but otherwise leave it out.
*Note the bolded.

We tend to be a little bit more flexible on c) because of the paywall situation, but please try and only quote the relevant sections of the article wherever possible, with a link to the rest of the article as well - usually there are workarounds with paywalls.

Copying and pasting an entire slab of text without a source, without being put in text boxes and without any other content needs to stop please.

It's also in our 'Carlton Board Rules Posting Quality' stickied thread:-

* Please do not quote whole articles from media sources. The correct format is link-paragraph or few lines to get the gist of issue-link.

Thanks all.

*Copied from the Essendon Board with permission from Doss
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