Universal Love R.I.P Thaihawk

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Bluez Rule

All Australian
Nov 8, 2011
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Renegades, DJR Penske, Trent Rckts
Not a Hawks fan but sad to read of the passing of a long time fan. Reading the timeline he would have seen the worst and the best of the Hawks. What an incredible ride to experience!
It is always sad when someone passes, but it seems sadder when the likes of Thailhawk leave us. They are part of a different world and the memories and stories they share are priceless and an irreplaceable part of the fabric that makes up both clubs and leagues. RIP


Club Legend
Sep 4, 2008
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I did wonder where he was the other day, as I couldn’t remember seeing any posts from him for quite a while.

I had a few PM conversations with him and he seemed pretty straight down the line and old school. I knew his wife was crook fir quiet a while which was distressing for him.

Apart from that and the fact that he had seen a lot of our history live, the only other thing I knew about him was that his name was Mike.

It is such a pity to lose him as he was a real gentlemen.

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Not open for further replies.

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