Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy


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Aug 29, 2010
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Yeah no qualms on Hame, bloke loves the smell of his own farts. I only watch the front bar and Sunday TFS these days, front bar is genuinely entertaining because they get older ez players on who don’t have a filter and are genuinely entertaining (Molloy is still garbage though).
Yeah both good shows that are good for a laugh. It's amazing how funny almost all of the ex players are, you could listen to em spin a yarn for hours over a coldy

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Nov 27, 2012
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Bring back Chief & Loinchop for Saturday Rub, ship Carey off, and have the lot do Friday’s again. Huddle is shit.

Never happen I know.
Obvious why they did it but both The Footy Show and MMM chose Billy over Garry and have gone downhill since; TFS especially which is for all intents and purposes dead. Fridays in 2012 with Chief, Gaz, JB, Purps and Foss added in was absolute gold.

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