Preview R6 Richmond vs Sydney - Sunday 12/7 3:35pm @ The Gabba

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one eyedtiger

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Jan 4, 2008
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Quality preview!! :tonguewink:

Well the Swans aren't looking great, I guess they are probably one of 3 teams we'd wanna be playing with all our outs. Still a significant gap to cover so I'm 50-50 on this game. I suspect Bolton will come in and what a huge chance for him to establish himself as a mid with Cotch, Prestia and Edwards out. Same with Graham I think he'll come back in and a few posters (myself included) were saying its hard to judge him when he's been played out of position on the wing. Get him in the middle, win some clearances, lay some tackles and show us what you can do in your preferred position.

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Dr Tigris

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Aug 19, 2009
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Great preview ........ well a preview anyway.

Reckon we'll be going hard this week. The guys coming in have large shoes to fill. But given how positive Dimma was about the hub I reckon they'll be pretty switched on. It'll be out system against the swans physicality. The Swans look like they are heading downwards in form and we're heading up. Hope that continues.


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Jun 13, 2018
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Swans scored only 11 goals in two matches so they would be looking to rejig forward set up.
They would probably look at the Hawthorn match, how the Hawks used Smith to divert and channel out on the wing.
Among several inclusions, would like to see RCD across half back too.
Would save Pickett for the Roos match, he is more of a running type through the centre.
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Apr 27, 2011
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If we dominate hub life and get wins on the road and then come back to Melbourne with a string of home games at the MCG to finish the season, all whilst slowly getting our stars back out on the field - weโ€™ll be able to hear the wailing from across the Nullarbor.


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Oct 3, 2017
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watched a bit of the Swans v Bombers

the Swans are under manned now but gee they showed some spirit and it was a tight game

they will think they are a chance with our injury list

we have the talent and the structures and from last year the inner belief we can over come the injury toll

"Choldo" to have a big game

and who ever gets a game out of Bolton , Stack , Pickett , Graham , Ross will be hungry
and if Dow or RCD get their first game then you add a buzz of excitement

not a prospect the Swans want to dwell on

Ashman OG

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Jul 11, 2017
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With all our injuries, it looks like we will be joining the Swans and demons at the snow come September.
And what are you basing that upon?
When the same thing happened last year and we lost a ton of players then still won the flag?
Winnable game that will probably have us in the 8 if we win
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