Unsolved Rachael Runyan (USA, August 1982)


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Mar 9, 2011
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Rachael Runyan was a blonde American female toddler who was kidnapped in Sunset, Utah in August 1982, and her murdered corpse was found several miles away, three weeks later.
Rachael had not long before been the winner of a child beauty contest and it is the photo of her in a crown and dress as Little Miss Sunset that currently adorns the Wikipedia article about her murder.
Witnesses described the man who enticed Rachael into his car as African American/Black and between 25 and 30 years old.
Rachael's case was featured on a 1989 episode of the television program Unsolved Mysteries.
Three years ago, the park from which she was taken so long ago, was renamed in her honor.
As with JonBenet Ramsey, some have focused on Rachel's child beauty queen status, Not sure why they need to enhance her femininity in that way as her female sex is obvious.
RIP Baby Girl

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