Radio coverage. We now have 3 broadcasters. Opinions?

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Jan 7, 2020
North Western Sydney
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I have one of the schmick SoundDec units you buy at the ground, gives you access to ABC, Macquarie and Fox commentary + FM. Because I also brought gear on a Mastercard, I got a basic version of the SoundDec that does just the commentary, so I had the ABC in my left and Fox in my right. I alternated between ABC and Macquarie, and yes, ABC has gone downhill a bit, but Macquarie are a bunch of flogs.

But, at least Macquarie/Nine Radio aren't totally responsible for the BBL coverage (that's Crocmedia) but even then they're barely tolerable. Listening to the first Sydney Smash between Newcastle and the Upper Hunter (I was home for Xmas and there was a Jets game), they were going off their rockers waaaaaaay too much. For the Super Over I actually watched it on Kayo whilst taking a break in Singleton, because they probably would've caused me to crash along the way. :laughing:

As for Triple M....oh my god. Stick to music. Like their rebrand of their country stations (Madonna, Taylor Swift and Ray Hadley on Triple M - NO, NO, EFFIN' NO), it sucked harder than an Dyson.

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