Rance cleared of diving.


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Feb 23, 2009
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It was great to listen to Leppich defend the action by saying we don't want anyone staging for free kicks and Lyon shouting, he did get a free kick!

Yeah but if any of us for pushed by a 6 foot 8 guy we would go over that quickly also... ******* great argument that!!!
Wasn't Leppitsch,
That was Simon Lefthlien (?), his argument was that they deemed that Franklin pushed him in the throat and that's why he went down.
I think he went down way to easy, and if we set the precedent that it's not acceptable and we fine him, then as long as it's consistent moving forward I don't mind.

Not sure we want to suspend players though for going down easy. Rance exagerrated the contact, he didn't fake a push to the neck/chest.


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May 16, 2014
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Clearly exaggerated contact with the arm and I'd say the same for the in-the-back moments earlier BUT why start fining players with Rance, this week? I can't remember anyone being fined since Leroy Jetta - if Rance got fined, then the MRP would be saying no one has dived since Jetta, which is clearly incorrect and happens every week with every club.

Precedent has been set long ago. Unless the rules change, players won't be getting fined for incidents like Rances.

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Jun 29, 2006
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Yep agree, just two great players having some fun-no drama at all. Umps should have just gone on with the game.
Hell yes.
The silliness around these nothing incidents goes on and on.

With umpteen umps around, and so many camera's they will catch you picking your nose on an outer wing...whynot just let the game go ?
Why do we need to hold up play, bring in the police force, make snap judgements, and pay free kicks and 50m penalties that DO have massive influence on a result ???
Franklin is no einstein and being sucked in by Rance keeping him away from the ball. Everyone stands up for themselves but te coaches will balls you out for being so stupid wih the play now 50m upfield.

If blokes are happy to flake and fall over you cannot officiate properly at the moment anyway. Yet still they pretend something currently happening off the ball is somehow worth spending time and effort over.

Give that Franklin/Rance incident 5-10 seconds more and 95% of times its over IFFFF play goes on. Guys coming in to help out Rance or to fly the flag are leaving their men free and relying on the ump stopping play. Dont stop it. They revisit EVERY incident after the game so leave it at that.

Only intervene IFFFFF it boils over...and even then just bring the ball over and bounce it straight away.

Cant believe in this day and age of multiple umps and amazing video they still want to hold up play over simple argy bargy.

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