Play Nice Rance Retirement

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Dec 9, 2006
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Aston Villa Traralgon Football Club
I must say the bit about the tigers draw is a farce. They played gws twice during the season and coll and only played 5 games at the G in their first 12, which also included back to back interstate trips in round 3 and 4... and of course gold coast once.
They got the games at the g at the end as they were due some home games ( even though some of them were away games).

winning an interstate final by 8 goals after trailing at1/4 time still isnt enough to convince some,
check out Collingwoods run home to their last flag ;)

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nineteen eighty

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2003
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The point about the Eagles so-called "tarnished" flag in 2006 was that their club was like a pharmacy with many star players using all sorts of drugs while blitzing the comp. That's not scuttlebutt. It's an established fact. An admission from key players and confirmed stories.

These weren't "clean" athletes who treated their bodies like a temple. It's not a huge leap of faith to assume many of them might've also been dabbling in performance enhancing drugs. Especially in light of the huge spike in their performances through the mid 2000's. Eagles who were previously average/fair played like champions during that run. And look at the way their individual performances dropped right away once they'd got a premiership medal and signed a lucrative contract.

The comp's biggest drug addict somehow found another gear in 2005 and became AFL MVP and Brownlow medalist. He pretty much highlighted how easy it was for AFL players to evade detection if they were smart. Was all that "gut running" simply the result of hard training in between binge-usage of coke and ice? Or maybe he was also using other chemicals such as EPO, testosterone and HGH

Don't forget the Jason Akermanis anecdote about playing on Michael Braun and getting torched by his repeat sprints up and down the ground. Dismiss that all you like, but Aka never actually named him, so it wasn't sour grapes. He wasn't writing particularly about West Coast. He was writing about PEDs in the AFL. It was candid comment from a champion player in the prime of his career that he knew something wasn't hunky dory.

Then you had the guy who set up the winning goal in the 2006 GF getting busted by WA police for importing steroids. He himself talked about pharmacological culture at West Coast with all sorts of pills handed out like lollies before games.

I'm not accusing West Coast of being on the gear like Essendon in 2012. I wouldn't know. I'm just helping you understand exactly what is meant by the likes of Mike Sheahan, Robert Walls and others when they say the Eagles' 2006 flag was "tarnished".

nah. Just because people whinge about that on Big Footy, that doesn't mean their premiership cup is "tarnished". You might be right that it makes their task easier, but they still won the flag, fair and square.

Barber was their “fitness coach” back then. Enough said. Note: Barber still trains individual players these days over summer. Hmm enough said.

Also agree on your earlier point that there must be more to the Rance story than him leaving for family / religious reasons. Timing just doesn’t add up. As the lack of fanfare from his ex teammates. We may never find out the real reason. All the best to him.

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Premiership Player
May 30, 2015
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Nothing funny or strange about it, no sane person would do it if the rumours were correct. They are just made up bullshit and if I was a betting man I’d put money on rance coming back sometime this season.
Nah funny and strange u checking the social media likes.

A Bit Dusty

Oct 6, 2017
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The only scandal is that he and his wife are divorcing and his faith’s beliefs.
I have to agree that there is more to the story Divorce in the JW's is not heard of so something has happened which could be totally un football related. I am sitting on the fence with this and have been from the start.


Team Captain
Oct 8, 2019
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West Coast
Nothing funny or strange about it, no sane person would do it if the rumours were correct. They are just made up bullshit and if I was a betting man I’d put money on rance coming back sometime this season.
He'll be back once water under bridge has passed

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