Random Discussion Thread 138- Irregular Trumpet Talk

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Sep 1, 2014
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Saw kid strike out so hard with a girl on the train. In the course of the ten minutes he spent talking entirely about himself, he covered:
- bragging about how many trumpets he had
- ranking the trumpets
- naming the trumpets "Really Good Trumpet, Also Really Good Trumpet [thoughtful pause] Okay Trumpet, and Really Bad Trumpet" "Oh, when you said you named them I thought you meant like, name names." *aghast* "What? No way, never." Because, you know, that would be weird.
- bragging about winning a Napoleon Dynamite dance competition
- failing to remember the name of the movie Napoleon Dynamite
- bragging about how many points he earned for his house (she doesn't care about points, dude, she goes to Perth Modern not Hogwarts).
- explaining in detail how the points system works and how his house won once by a lot
- talked about what animes he wanted to watch but hadn't that were on his "bucket list". THAT'S NOT WHAT A BUCKET LIST IS.

She was sitting there, with her finger marking her place in her book that she was reading when he sat himself down, hoping so obviously she could go back to reading it.

Oh and he had that lisp where you can't pronounce 'r' so go back and read the above again with that in mind. Twumpet.
if I had a trumpet I would probably call it Timmy.

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May 31, 2005
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West Coast

I tried to play one of these bastard French Horns for about two weeks when I was in primary school. Couldn't do it, I didn't realise that giving them names is apparently the key to unlocking their power.


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Sep 28, 2005
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Bunch of trumpets.

Xmas party this afternoon. Look out any campaigners with a trumpet

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