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Nov 24, 2012
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Only Collingwood, GWS, Port & Adelaide have had more Disposals than North in 2019. CW-2440, GWS-2331, PA-2442, AD-2396, NM-2322.

Ben Cunnington has 132 handballs in 6 Rounds and ties for 1st with Lachie Neale. Next best is Oliver on 115.

Jamie MacMillan leads the team for Rebounds with 44 (next best is Thompson with 25).
League wide, only Sicily (58), Stewart (53), Lloyd (46), Hurn (45) and Newman (45) have more.

Aaron Hall leads the Tackle count on 23, next best is Turner on 22 with both playing 6 games. Jed has 21 after 3 and is 3rd on the list. Team-wise only West Coast have laid fewer than North Melb (290-310). St.Kilda lead the comp with 403.

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May 4, 2009
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I was thinking it would be funny to see Browny's missed gimme goal from the goal square theatrics with Benny Hill music, but then wondered if the entire song soundtrack was long enough for coverage of this seasons bloopers to date, simple answer, no way.

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Nov 14, 2012
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James Hardon is an interesting one. That back-step/travel move has me and my brother flogging each other senseless. He thinks it's a travel. I think it's just poetry in slow motion.

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Jul 23, 2008
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These players all must play 10 of the last 13 matches, together:

Nick Larkey
Luke Davies-Uniacke
Jy Simpkin
Sam Durdin
Paul Ahern
Tarryn Thomas
Bailey Scott
Trent Dumont
Kayne Turner
Ben Mckay

These players should be told they are playing for their careers for the remainder of 2019

Jamie Macmillan
Shaun Atley
Mason Wood
Aaron Hall
Luke Mcdonald
Marley Williams
Taylor Garner

These players have had their papers stamped

Sam Wright
Dom Tyson
Nathan Hrovat

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