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Isaac Cumming No 1

Mar 28, 2018
AFL Club
So, we’re on holidays traveling around and enjoying the great state of Victoria. Getting dressed this morning I just grabbed a t-shirt out of the bag - happens to be a Giants shirt. Wandering around Melbourne, catching a couple a trams, having breakfast etc, nobody gives me a second glance.

Not so when we stopped for lunch in Geelong on our way to the great ocean road. Lots of sideways looks and even a couple of death stares.

One in particular from a guy who was wearing a Cats shirt and cap who emphasised his death stare by carefully and deliberately lifting his membership card, hanging from the lanyard around his neck, and giving it a kiss.

January 10... I mean, I’m wearing a Giants shirt, but that’s only because that’s the one I happened to grab from my bag. My membership card and lanyard are at home in Sydney and only come out on game day. This dude was sitting down by the shore at lunch on a Thursday (in January) with his lanyard at the ready.:oops::oops::drunk::drunk:
:devil: You sure it wasn't a player?

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gee whiz giant

All Australian
Mar 3, 2014
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the Toffees, the Bays.
Re game last night North vs Richmond.(this is probably a question for main board);
Seriously, does North Melbourne have the greatest number of grannies attending games?
Even better than seeing small kids at games, grannies mean the game is for everyone.

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