Rank the top 10 games you’ve seen in your time watching Australian Rules Football


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List the top 10 games you have seen in your lifetime watching Aussie Rules, whether it was in grassroots football (ie Vic Country, VAFA), State League (ie SANFL), VFL/AFL, or interstate/State of Origin.

Here’s my 10 to kick things off:

1. Hawthorn v Geelong (1989 VFL Grand Final)
2. WA v Victoria (1986 State of Origin)
3. St Bedes Mentone Tigers v AJAX (2006 VAFA C Section GF)
4. Beaumaris v Hampton Rovers (1988 VAFA C Section GF)
5. Essendon v Hawthorn (1984 Grand Final)
6. Hawthorn v Geelong (1989 VFL Round 6)
7. Essendon v North Melbourne (2001 AFL Round 16)
8. SA v Victoria (1984 State of Origin)
9. Port Adelaide v Norwood (1984 SANFL GF)
10. Claremont v South Fremantle (1981 WAFL GF)

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May 8, 2007
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Carlton - WCE Subiaco 1995
Richmond Hawks - 1994 (Pissing down all day - Richmond kicked 4 goals - and won. Hawks fans probably list this among their worst days - as I would have if Richmond had lost).
Any Victorian SOO game from the 1980s - against either WA or SA. All great games.
2018 GF - good game.
Richmond Hawthorn 1970 - I was 9, Hart kicked 6, Hudson kicked 8, Richmond won by a goal. Great day.
Port Adelaide - Adelaide 2013. Good game for a neutral. Monfries bounce to top it off.

That'll do for now.


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Feb 24, 2013
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Hawthorn vs Geelong....2013 Preliminary Final.
Hawthorn vs Essendon..1984 2nd Semi Final.
Hawthorn vs Geelong....Round 6, 1989.
Hawthorn vs Melbourne.1987 Preliminary Final.
Hawthorn vs Geelong....1989 Grand Final.
Hawthorn vs Nth Melb….Round 11, 1985... Drawn game.
Hawthorn vs St. Kilda….1971 Grand Final.
Hawthorn vs Fitzroy......1983 Qualifying Final.
Hawthorn vs Geelong....1991 2nd Semi Final.
Hawthorn vs Carlton…....Round 18, 1984.

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Jul 26, 2016
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10. Round 11, 1985 Kangas v Hawks. My first VFL game. i was 8, brothers were 6 and 4. Was a draw 113-113. Not many people can say that!
9. Round 22, 1991 Bombers v Carlton. Terry Daniher's 300th. Won by 4 points. I loved TD.
8. Round 15, 1987 Eagles v Bombers. We were halfway through a WA holiday. Salmon kicked 11 in a BOG effort.
7. Round 14, 1988 Bears v Saints. Part of Expo 88 holiday - Capper got 5 against a Lockett-less Saints. Met Dick Reynolds. Dad chatted to him for an hour!
6. Round 11, 1996 Bombers v Dockers. Won by a point thanks to Hirdy's performance. 10 marks in ****house conditions and numerous score assists
5. Round 13, 1993 Saints v Fitzroy. Lynchy had a good first half on him but Plugger kicked 6 in the second half to finish with 8 straight. Legend!!!
4. Round 15, 1989 Bombers v Eagles. 25.10 to 1.12 - Was glorious! Timmy Watson and TD had leather poisoning!
3. Round 9, 2018 Lions v Hawks. After starting 0-8 Lions finally get a win. Crowd went nuts. Mitchell had 46 and at least 25% were clangers.
2. Round 15, 1996 Tigers v Demons. Neitz kicked 7.0 out of 12.9 but Richo's 6 & Daffy's 4 get the Tigers home. Caught the ball behind the goals twice!
1. Round 15, 1995 Bombers v Tigers. Friday night. 76k. Was a draw 101-101 and again it was all Hirdy who kept the Bombers in it (23 and 5 goals)
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