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Dec 26, 2018
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Had a go at ranking players over 300 games that have run out this millenium.
All very good players, in the words of Sam Newman - Imagine how good you'd need to be to play 300.

Gary Ablett Jnr
Luke Hodge
Stephen Silvagni
Nick Riewoldt
Robert Harvey
Jason Akermanis
Mark Ricciuto
Simon Black
Adam Goodes
Shaun Burgoyne
Sam Mitchell
Andrew Mcleod
Jimmy Bartell
Craig Bradley
Glen Archer
Gavin Waganeen
Dustin Fletcher
Shane Crawford
Scott West
Nathan Burke
Mathew Pavlich
Brent Harvey
Brad Johnson
Luke Power
Paul Salmon
Corey Enright
Alaister Lynch
Chris Grant
Robert Murphy
John Blakey
Stuart Loewe
Adam Simpson
Rohan Smith
Shannon Grant
Nick Dal Santo
Brendon Goddard
Paul Williams
Ben Hart
Marcus Ashcroft
Tyson Edwards
David Neitz
Scott Thompson
Jarrad McVeigh
Michael O'Laughlin
Kane Cornes
Kade Simpson
Jude Bolton
Mick Martyn
Drew Petrie
James Kelly

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Feb 24, 2013
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50 names exactly....Nice even number that.....And far outweighs the 34 from the 21st Century, although some players careers do overlap.

Most of those guys played in premierships bar all the St.Kilda & Footscray players....Plus 5 other outliers in Nietz, Simpson, Pavlich, Thompson & Petrie.

For the Saints: Riewoldt, Harvey, Burke, Loewe, Goddard, Dal Santo.
For the Dogs: Murphy, West, Smith, Johnson, Grant.

300 games usually entails 15 long years of service.....That's a long time to go without tasting the chockies.

Of that lot, only Simpson, Petrie & the Footscray lads have never lobbed on the M.C.G on the last day in September....Of course, Bob Murphy was dead unlucky.

Here's the 34 from the 20th Century list:

Leigh Matthews
Gary Dempsey
Kevin Bartlett
Dick Reynolds
Gordan Coventry
Simon Madden
John Nicholls
Bernie Quinlan
Francis Bourke
Bruce Doull
Len Thompson
Tim Watson
John Rantall
Michael Tuck
Ted Whitten Snr
Chris Langford
Paul Roos
Kevin Murray
Don Scott
Wayne Schimmelbusch
Ian Nankervis
Kelvin Moore
Jack Dyer
Doug Hawkins
Terry Daniher
David Cloke
John Newman
Roger Merrett
Barry Breen
Justin Madden
Tony Shaw
Russell Greene
Barry Round
Garry Foulds

I reckon the first 10 names/players in the 20th Century, are far superior to the 21st Century list.

Those who missed out on playing in a Premiership were: Quinlan, Thompson, Roos, Murray, Nankervis, Hawkins, Newman & Round.

So comprising players mainly from Fitzroy, Geelong, South/Sydney, Footscray & Collingwood.


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Oct 6, 2013
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Just from a Hawthorn perspective.
I’d have Mitchell ahead of Hodge and in the top 5.

Crawford would be in around Hodge and Burgoyne is a touch beneath those 2 despite all the great things he’s done at Port and Hawks.

Also think Kade Simpson is under appreciated.
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