TV Ray Donovan

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 26, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
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I still feel for Ray's liver! I tend to alternate my drinking game; One week I take a shot every time Ray takes a shot, and the other week I take a shot every time Ray says "sure".

I've liked this season so far, even if Ray's level of influence is getting well into silly levels.

I wonder if Jay White has been studying 'Tropic Thunder'.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
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Perth Wildcats basketball
Ray to finally put a bullet in Mickey's head. (Probably)
Bunchy to get shot by the cops. (Highly likely)
Terry to be beaten to death in a bare knuckle fight. (Very much the likely scenario. He could have the 'wiring' in his brain scrambled and end up in a comatose state)
Ray, Bridget and Whatshisname (fiance) to get murdered by the Albanians. (Not Ray or Bridget, but the fiance will cop it from the mob)
Darryl the only one to survive. (Yes. Conor will die in combat.)
Terry and the bare knuckles fighting, it all points to him being killed or hurt, that's why I think maybe that is not happening, they are leading to it so blatantly, sometimes they side swipe the viewer.
Ray maybe dead. That poor bastard Bunchy with the child and on the run with his father, I reckon something bad for him, but maybe , just maybe providence will shine on that character, Mickey is a mongrel, careless too now a bit, but a real cold gangster, someone will kill him.
The rest not sure I don't know that much about this show previously , it sure isn't to be considered a comedy now, by the way!

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 2, 2007
2 Bedroom Apartment
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Liverpool FC, HNS Vatreni
So I was under the impression that this was the last season...

And now....

Is that what others thought?

Well anyway Punchy's fight
The way the season was heading, it looked like it was trying to wrap everyone’s storyline up. However this will change things. Not everyone can die now (if any) unless they are doing a prequel season.

My bet at the end of it all, Mickey stays alive. He is the one who has caused the whole mess from season 1, and like a cockroach will come out of the nuclear war still breathing.

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X2 Denim
May 22, 2016
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St Kilda
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Mon Nov 18th here

Farrrkk - looks like it is all going to explode

Some of the greatest scenes I've ever witnessed on this show - Mickey in the cell, Hank Azaria making Ray sing Seger, Mickey in the gay club, Ray and the ped in the gym, Vastly under-appreciated show. Sopranos-esque.
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Herne Hill Hammer

Premium Platinum
Jun 22, 2008
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By the time this season starts the thread will be about 6 1/2 years old and have about 300 comments on it while all the piles of turgid rubbish that is on here get 1000s of comments within weeks.

The mind boggles.

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