Razor Ray cheated.

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Jan 3, 2012
Punt Road End
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Chelsea FC, Victory, All Blecks
The 50 to flopperfield after not indicating which way the free was , all the players including flopperfield thought it was Houli , but no not our Ray, the non 50 to lynch when the game was in the balance the most blatant 50 seen , oh no not by Razor , the guy is a cheat


Club Legend
Jul 15, 2012
club tropicana
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For Geelong!
He was atrocious last night- Cats can throw, duck, push in the back and get away with it.
And another game in which he was clearly favouring cats- the 50 against cotchin on half time is against the spirit of the game- particularly a tight prelim.

Add to the fact a more obvious one wasnt paid against stewart the following quarter (not by ray).

He cannot umpire next week- although have abad feeling he will.

Good luck


Jul 12, 2004
Junktion Oval
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The 50 he paid was the most blatant 50m penalty you'll ever see and good on him actually paying it. The other 2 ignored just as blatant 50m penalties later in the match to Geelong, one of which ended up in a Richmond goal from a turnover at half back when it should have been Geelong getting it deep inside 50.

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All Australian
Oct 1, 2004
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Lol of all the selection dilemmas this week it's the AFLs decision to give the narcissist a farewell game that could have the biggest effect on the GF.

I hope that he is able to just be part of the scenery on the day and not think hes Spartacus in the arena. The other two are outstanding umps with a couple great ones missing out. All just to give the hobbit once last chance to rid middle earth of the ring once and for all.

Any umpire that wants to be in the spotlight and is happy to make it about themselves should not get a game. Amazingly he's been probably the worst umpire and done it for 20 years. He's the umpiring version of Lance Whitnall, though conversely and to Lance's credit he seemed like a nice fella and good clubman.

The AFL needs him not to be mic'd up and he needs to know no one gives a toss about him and no one is there to watch him. He is there to adjudicate/officiate and nothing more.

I hope it all goes well and he doesnt become
a) The guy the cost Richmond a flag; and
b) The guy that gifted the Giants a flag.

I hope that Gandalf just quietly puts him on a boat and he's never seen or heard from again.


The umpires are always right!
Sep 27, 2008
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St Kilda
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You can guarantee Razor will be looking to have his GF moment where he pulls out some controversial "look at me" call, the little flog can't help himself.

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