Razor Ray opinion poll

Razor Ray opinion poll

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Capital Magpie

All Australian
Aug 27, 2017
Canberra, ACT
AFL Club
I don't mind Razor at all. I may be influenced by the fact that I knew him from cricket here in Canberra (he was a cheeky wicket-keeper for Tuggeranong in 1st Grade), and I got to know him as a genuine bloke.
He's very extroverted and opinionated, and we've had him speak to our cricket umpires since he hit the big time, and he is a natural on that score. Very infectious and happy/outgoing personality. Has many good stories about AFL umpiring, which he is happy to share.
As far as umpiring goes, he can definitely be guilty of a "look at me" factor, but I think when it's a really big game - eg the 2010 GF and GF Replay - he and his colleagues for those matches was excellent, umpiring the game as it should be: only the blatant free kicks were awarded, they let all the soft 50/50s go, and he always seems to communicate with the players well.


Shevchenko's Bullet
Mar 27, 2018
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
having actually met him and had a conversation with him I like him, very friendly bloke. If I had never had that experience id probably reverse that opinion

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