Autopsy Rd 10 v Saints. Not good enough when it counted.

Which players do you think had a good game in Round 10 vs the Saints?

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De Iulio2Wiggins

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Sep 9, 2008
Near the famous #34
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Wow, that was a [close one/annihilation]!

I think [young player #1] and [young player #2] were sensational and will easily be in the top 10 AFL players of all time in a couple of years!

[Whipping boy] was deplorable as always and should be tied to the tram tracks on Sydney Road.

I can't believe the free kick count of [X to X]! When is the AFL going to stop conspiring against our mighty club?

I can really see [green shoots/hope for the future/a top 4 finish soon], we just need to hold tight for [X] more seasons of our [XXX] game rebuild!

SOS is a genius and Bolts is really getting a solid game plan together, if [X] and [X] and [X] came together, we would have won that for sure! No way do I want [latest sacked coach] at our club - that would be a massive step backwards.

We just need to hold tight and #17 will come our way in no time!

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Apr 29, 2012
Perth via Carlton Land
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We are just not good enough. The umpiring was obviously corrupt today and obvisouly had an input in the result. But we just aren't good enough at key times.

Cuningham has been huge since coming in, he has something a lot of our players don't.. one touch on the ball, speed and core strength. A lot of our players don't have that combination. He is a huge asset.

No one really played great today. No one really played terrible either. We just were mediocre when we needed to be our best.

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