Review Rd 10: Your saturday night shellacking vs the Saints and the legendary Bytel

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May 17, 2004
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Western Bulldogs
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Your timing footscray1973 is spot on with Watts

Watts would not want to be on Social Media today as there is a warrant out for his arrest for non appearance for his Court date which was today.
It's not often my timing is so good at my age these days! I'll claim that one as a win! :D


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Jul 21, 2005
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Brad Hill is a perfect example why not to get carried away with guys who play outside the majority of the time. Lets be honest, in hawthorns team that won three premierships all of us would have got kicks in that side as well. I don't feel sorry for the guy... chase big bucks, get big bucks, bloody perform, its as simple as that. Thats why I was rapt the club stood their ground in JJ's negotiations and from what I hear did not pay overs. Thats not a crack at JJ, just highlighting similar type of players who can be cut out of the game easily.
I heard it mentioned on the radio that Hill is the highest paid St Kilda player ever.

Mantis Toboggan

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Mar 24, 2018
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I'm shocked at these coaches votes. Bont, Dale, Naughton, Libba yes, but not sure how Keath and Sweet got votes ahead of Macrae.

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40+ touches and not in the votes. That’s surely a first.

Others played well, but I think everyone’s just become accustomed to Jack accumulating huge numbers.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 18, 2015
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If only the Dees still had Watts and that Bugg character to target Liber on social media, as they won't be able to stop him onfield. That usually works for them. After they Instagrammed JJ in 2017, Watts played another mostly forgettable 24 games before his career finally shat itself, and Bugg managed a whole 6 before he disappeared up his own rectum.
JJ has a brilliant coach who believes in him

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